Charles L. Albert '08 Award

The Charles L. Albert '08 Award is presented annually to the senior male and female student-athletes at Lafayette who are judged to be the most outstanding athlete. This endowed award is voted on by the head coaches and athletic administrators.

1966Dave Brown
1967William Hedden
1968Jonathan Barnes
1969John R. Gaydeski
1972Joseph E. Barkauskas
1973Walter J. Kocubinski
1974Anthony P. Giglio, Marian Lafferty
1975Henry C. Horne, Jr., Pamela A. LeVeille
1976Elizabeth C. Huston, Michael T. Tripucka
1977Tim M. Bannon
1978Susan S. Oaks, David P. Pletcher
1979Don B. Griffin, Carol L. Way
1980Janet E. Murray, Robert J. Rasp
1981Ellen P. Fitzkee, George L. Tiger, Jr.
1982Joseph A. Skladany, Michael P. Whitman, Dianne B. Miller,
1983Anthony D. Green, Eoin Walshe, Maureen McKenna
1984Judith G. Bowen, Frank Novak
1985Peter A. Duckett, Dana Wolfe
1986Gary A. Bennett, Wendy Paschal
1987Daniel D. Maynard, Stacey Cagenello
1988Peter Lerner, Tim White, Tracy Wright, Noreen Chamberlain, Nancy Lembo
1989Phillip Ng, Elizabeth Mowins, Jennifer A. Smith
1990Frank Baur, Sharon Vivaldi
1991Jim Hodson, Penny Erisman
1992Craig White, Suzi Farrell
1993Tom Kirchhoff, Sue Williams
1994Craig Roubinek, Andrea Dagostino
1995Erik Marsh, Emily Durbin
1996Mark Dutkewych, Toni DiOttavio
1997Ali Murphy, B.J. Gallis
1998Hope McCorkle, Dan Bengele
1999Carrie Strong, Ted Cole
2000Brian Ehlers, Kim Stone
2001Phil Yarberough, Rhonda Snyder
2002Brian Burke, Stephanie Tinney
2003Herb Kennedy, Megan Monahan
2004Marko Glavic, Jennifer Stone
2005Joe McCourt, Erin Rosensteel
2006Maurice Bennett, Amanda Eggleston
2007Jonathan Hurt, Veronica Canto-Ponce
2008Scott Hawkins, Ashley Harbin
2009Andy Romans, Maggie Condon
2010Rob Curley, Kasey Karr
2011A.J. Miller, Meghan Cicchi
2012Jerome Rudolph, Carolyn Cabrey
2013Tony Johnson, Deanna DiCroce
2014Mark Ross, Ana White
2015Ross Scheuerman, Brittany Blass

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