Lafayette Women's Volleyball Captains
Season Captain(s)
1976-1977 Belle Hanson, Jean Mara
1977-1978 Kathy Cush, Jean Mara
1978-1979 Ann McManamon, Jean Mara
1979-1980 Nancy Barnes, Amy Frank
1980-1981 Sheri Fine, Amy Frank
1981-1982 Sheri Fine, Linda Boland
1982-1983 Linda Boland, Katie Drubel
1983-1984 Jill Holmes, Jody Apolinario
1984-1985 Jody Apolinario, Kelly McArthur
1985-1986 Kelly McArthur, Amy Merritt
1986-1987 Lisa Cingiser, Julika Englert
1987-1988 Julika Englert
1988-1989 Cathie McGinley, Gioia Pisano
1989-1990 Linda Spelman
1990-1991 Penny Erisman, Claire Luthin
1991-1992 Cindy Celnik, Claire Luthin
1992-1993 Cindy Celnik, Heather Kashner
1993-1994 Beth Golebiewski, Melissa Pomeroy
1994-1995 Emily Durbin, Katie Nollan
1995-1996 Stacy Durbin
1996-1997 Hope McCorkle
1997-1998 Hope McCorkle
1998-1999 Rachael Costigan, Aislinn Scareinski
1999-2000 Rachael Costigan, Aislinn Scareinski
2000-2001 Michelle Calvo, Melissa Ommundsen
2001-2002 Sarah Deitsch, Nicole Pepe, Noelle Pepe
2002-2003 Sarah Deitsch, Heidi Olichwier
2003-2004 Catherine Herchenroder, Heidi Olichwier
2004-2005 Heidi Olichwier
2005-2006 Catherne Herchenroder
2006-2007 Shannon Fisher, Veronica Canto-Ponce, Katie Moore
2007-2008 Karla Barbiche, Michaela Donohue, Maura Kelly
2008-2009 Megan Carter, Kathleen Kretzmer
2009-2010 Kari Horn, Cara Mulholland, Ashton Rossi
2010-2011 Kayly Elmer, Katrina Racibarskas
2011-2012 game day captains
2012-2013 Sarah Frohnapfel, Kaitlynn Zoller
2013-2014 Molly Belcher, Karissa Ciliento
2014-2015 Michelle Woodworth, Katy Rooney, Lauren Pisauro
2015-16 Lauren Pisauro

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