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Dig This - Nov. 23

Nov. 23, 2010

Senior co-captain Katrina Racibarskas reflects on her career in Maroon and White.

Looking back on my four years as a Lafayette volleyball player, what amazes me most is how quickly it all went by. Some of the hardest days made it seem like it would go on forever, but now that it’s done I know there are a lot of things I will miss, especially the friendships I have made. There’s nothing like spending each day with your favorite people, playing a sport you all love. I think one of the things that makes Lafayette volleyball unique is that no matter how much time we spend together on the court, we still choose to spend a lot time together off the court. Going through all of the physically and mentally challenging experiences brings us closer. We work hard every day and give up a lot to be a part of this team, but at the end of the day it’s all worth it.

One of my best memories each year has been the feeling of finishing preseason. After pushing our bodies to the limit for more than two weeks, there’s nothing like the sense of accomplishment you feel after getting through it. With each year, more is expected from you, and you also learn to expect more of yourself. I think this is the biggest difference between being a freshman in the program and being a senior captain. As a captain, you learn to think outside of yourself and get a sense of what the team needs. Your goals and your motivations become different as your role on the team changes. By being a part of this program, I have become stronger mentally and have learned not to take any opportunity for granted.

The most rewarding moment of my career happened very recently in our win against Navy. It really showed the fighting spirit of our team and our refusal to give up, even though we had gone the entire season without a Patriot League win. Despite our struggles this year, our Navy match gave me such a feeling of accomplishment, and I can look back on our season and be sure that all of our hard work paid off. It was the perfect ending to our season and to my career.



What I will miss the most is being part of this team and the highs and lows that come with competing at the Division I level. Just as much, I will miss sitting in Lower Farinon together after practice, as well as our pregame locker chats. My advice to incoming freshmen would be to work hard, give your best every day and enjoy every minute, because it’s over before you know it. As much as the challenges make it easy to want to give in at times, it is so rewarding to look back at all that you have done and be glad you stuck through it.

- Katrina