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Dig This: 2013 on 2012

Nov. 21, 2011

Senior Day Photo Gallery

Mary Cunning
I cannot even imagine my Lafayette volleyball career without Mary Cunning. Ever since my official visit in my senior year of high school, Mary has been a part of my volleyball experience. I can't thank her enough for everything that she has done for the team. Mary has always been seen as a mother figure to everyone. She continually looks out for us, making sure that everyone is doing okay. I know that I speak for the entire team when I say that we appreciate everything that Mary has done for us over the years. We will miss Mary a ton, but we know she is moving on to do great things. We wish you the best, Mary. We love you!
- Fiorella Bellini

Alana Taylor
Alana started out her volleyball career with a little typo that was sent to the team through an e-mail. Instead of "Alana", her name was spelled "Alan", and the nickname has stuck ever since. Alan has made a huge impact on the Lafayette volleyball program since she came in as a freshman. She has always been able to push her own limits and has worked to the best of her ability to bring success to our team. Alan is the most genuine and fun-loving person that you could ever meet. On occasion she will sing with her teammates in harmony, speak with a British accent or just tell a joke that you know could only come from her. Alan is a great friend and teammate who will surely be missed on and off the court. Love you Alan!
- Lexy Russo

Christy Mebust
Christy has been a source of happiness every day of my volleyball experience. Just when I think the practices are too tough, the hours too long, and the stress too much, I can look to Christy to be the rock of motivation that I need and that our team needs. She truly committed herself to the program, despite her grueling academic schedule. Not only was she there every day ready to run, play, or work, she always had a smile on her face while doing it. Personally, I have always looked to Christy as a model for how to go through this program. There is never a question in my mind about whether or not Christy loves this sport, this program and especially this team. She gets along with everyone and goes out of her way to connect with each of her teammates. Christy, I can't thank you enough. You have pushed me to be better, stronger and faster because you never settle for anything less than your best. I'll miss you so much!
- Sarah Frohnapfel

Andrea Duvall
Andrea was an absolutely great person, friend and teammate. She was a hard worker and was always positive no matter the situation. Whether we were walking to the track at the crack of dawn or working hard in the gym nearing the closing hours, she always managed to have a smile on her face. She was the ray of sunshine we needed and loved, bringing energy to everyone around her. Her never-ending smile and positive attitude will truly be missed next year. There will be a huge void when she leaves, but hopefully we can all take something from her time here. No one could replace her glow, but we can all try to be just a little bit more like her. Good luck in everything you do Andrea, not that you need it. Everyone you meet is touched by your light and impressed by everything about you. We miss you already!
- Katie Zoller

We simply cannot imagine a team without these four seniors on it. They are all so different, yet so special to us in their own way. We will miss you all, but we won't forget you. We couldn't if we tried. We can only hope that as you move on to bigger things, you'll make time to come see us play once or twice. Mary, Alana, Christy and Andrea: Best of luck in everything you do. We love you!