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Dig This: Second Half of the Season

Nov. 14, 2013

Lafayette Photo StoreThe second round of Patriot League has brought us some exciting news! We traveled down to DC and got to spend a few hours walking around as well as pick up our second win against Loyola after losing to them at home. We won in 4, and with three players getting double-digit kills-it was definitely a team effort. When we played Loyola at home, we lost 1-3. We had trouble stopping their outsides, and in the end, we just couldn’t finish enough points to pull out a win. So when we got to play them again, we knew that we had the talent to beat them, it just required putting all the pieces together at the right time. It was so great for our team to be able to get a second win in the Patriot League and to beat a team that we previously lost to.

After our matches at Loyola and American, we got to spend a few hours walking around D.C. Some of us hung out with our families, while others walked awhile to eat at Chipotle. The coaches and Carly and Casey went to the Museum of American History. All in all, it was great to be able to have the chance to walk around in a different city and explore our nation’s capital.

Off the court, we had an exciting opportunity on Sunday, October 27th. We volunteered at the Northampton County Special Olympics Unified Soccer Challenge along with the baseball, men’s soccer, and women’s basketball teams. Some of the Lafayette athletes were paired with someone participating in the soccer challenge, while our team was assigned to help at the shooting station. We all had such a great time hanging out with the kids- they were so energetic and excited to show us their soccer skills! After a lunch break, the DJ got everyone up and dancing to get warmed up for the big game. Shortly after, everyone was divided up into two teams and there was a giant soccer game. Everyone got really into it, and wanted their team to win, the game ended in a tie. It was great to spend the day with some truly amazing people and it was a day we will never forget!