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Dig This: Sophomores

Nov. 6, 2012

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Juniors Molly Belcher and Karissa Ciliento shed some light on the importance of the sophomore class.

We would like the take the time to recognize the major contributions and importance the Sophomore class provides to this team. Their skills on court as well as personalities gives our team spark that sets up apart from any other team in this league. With that, these five girls each have their own qualities and powers that make them Superheroes:

Michelle Woodworth #1- Elasti-Girl

"Elasti-girl" is the superhero mom in the Disney/Pixar movie "The Incredibles." She has the ability to stretch her body in extreme ways, which allows her to dig up any ball on the court. Her related talent for adapting to various situations enhances her power to help many people. She will do whatever it takes for the success the team on and off the court.

Melanie Weiss #11- The Incredible Hulk

Mel is known for her super strength. Mel is a powerhouse not only in the weight room, but with her serve, explosiveness on defense, and back row attacks. She has a fierceness about her that will not let anyone come in her way. She is capable of significant feats of strength which is crucial to the success of our team.

Danielle Towslee #3- Superwoman

"Its a bird!...It's a plane!...No it's Danielle Towlsee!" Danielle should be credited for her vertical jump as she soars across the front row. As a middle blocker, and improved vertical has enabled her to shut-down opposing hitters we face. Longevity, flight, intelligence, regeneration and stamina are all qualities Danielle has that make her Superwoman on this team.

Aidan Guilfoyle #18 - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is known for her empathy, flight, grace, strength, and passion. Although Aidan has just undergone surgery for a torn ACL, she is still serves just as an important role for this team. Aidan is going above and beyond in rehab and Physical therapy to get back on the court, while helping the coaches during games, and lifting up her team when they need it the most.

Katy Rooney #9- Spiderman

It is Rooney's strength, agility, reflexes, stamina, and speed that help her serve as a key-role on offense and defense at the net. Her drive to succeed and to help others goes unmatched. Her intelligence on and off the court gains her respect from her team and her opponents. When Rooney sets her mind to something, she cannot be stopped.