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Dig This - Nov. 2

Nov. 2, 2010

Describe your team and your team dynamics on and off the court?
On the court, our team is very supportive towards one another, and we all know how to get excited about a good point! We are also a pretty competitive group and have a lot of fun with competitive drills in practice. When we work together and have energy, it's hard to stop us because we a pretty close group and use it to our advantage. Off the court, we hang out a ton and never run out of things to chat about! Everyone is friends with everyone and we pretty much hang out in every combination of people you can think of! We definitely have a reputation on campus for being a unified team off the court.

Who’s your team comedian?
Kayly Elmer can do an impression of just about anyone and always makes the whole team laugh!

Who provides comic relief for your team?
Karissa Ciliento makes the team and the coaches laugh all of the time in a lot of different ways and can always provide comic relief whether it’s in practice, a game, or off the court.

Who’s your workhorse?
Sarah Frohnapfel is our ball of energy that is always willing to do that one extra sprint and comes to every activity with enthusiasm and speed!

Who’s your team administrator?
Mary Cunning is very on top of it -- always being the first in the locker room. If you are confused about when or where practice is, you can always ask Mary!

Who sets the tone for the team on and off the court?
Our seniors (Elmer and Katrina Racibarskas) are both vital to our success on the court and set the tone there. They are both long time starters who know the game well. They set the tone off the court too and always have fun ideas for team bonding activities!