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Dig This - Superlatives

Molly Belcher prepares to do something surprisingly awesome.

Oct. 21, 2011

So our assignment was to write a blog about a day in the life of a Lafayette volleyball player. But frankly, our lives in season are a tad boring (In case you're curious: class, lift, practice, eat, study, sleep. Repeat for three months.). Anyway, we thought it would be a little more interesting to give you an idea of the personalities on our team handing out Superlatives!

Alana Taylor: Most likely to take a 10-mile detour for a free....anything
Andrea Duvall: Most likely to have a quote from "The Office" to go with all aspects of life
Christy Mebust: Most likely to keep showing up to the timed mile after graduation
Sarah Frohnapfel: Most likely to scream in your face after winning anything in practice
Katie Zoller: Most likely to break someone's nose with a ball
Lexy Russo: Most likely to take any superlative personally, so she doesn't get one
Fiorella Bellini: Most likely to be married with children in the next five years
Gina Morrone: Most likely to be the butt of a joke (but you know we love you)
Karissa Ciliento: Most likely to spontaneously combust
Molly Belcher: Most likely to surprise you with her awesomeness
Danielle Towslee: Most likely to never be caught wearing sweats
Cami Beghou: Most likely to get an ulcer
Mel Weiss: Most likely to rock out mid-game
Katy Rooney: Most likely to accidentally take out the whole team in a celebration
Aidan Guilfoyle: Most likely to pull out a new talent on command
Michelle Woodworth: Most likely to always have THE COOLEST workout clothes



Mary Cunning: Most likely to be dating a quarterback
Joel: Most likely to show up to practice in a frat pinny
Coach P.: Most likely to win an Oscar for his performances on the sidelines
Coach Campbell: Most likely to go through 20 pairs of heels in a season

That about sums it up. Everything you need to know about our team is right here... maybe not ALL, but hopefully this is a little insight into our team and how we work together. Our wide range of personalities and quirks is what livens up our days, and turns what may seem to be "a tad boring" into something we look forward to. We have learned to love each other's flair, and we wouldn't have it any other way.