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Dig This: Meet the Freshman

Oct. 10, 2013

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Dig This: Issue 2
Introducing the Class of 2017

It seems just like yesterday: Our squad of seven cautiously opened the door to our locker room and was greeted by the tribal shouting and cheers of our new teammates. Ah freshman year, what a delightfully wonderful and horrible experience. You make all of the rookie mistakes: accidentally spilling the 10 gallon Gatorade cooler, calling coach the minute you are running late for a class because you think you will get in trouble, forgetting to turn the game camera on, forgetting to turn the game camera off, the list goes on and on. While freshman year does tend to bring out the anxiety and fear in individuals who normally keep their cool, freshman year is a phenomenal bonding experience, and it provides many stories for the years to come. With that being said, this year we brought in seven freshmen, and in this post they will introduce themselves to you and share a few facts about themselves.

When freshmen come in each year, they all seem relatively normal. It is until you spend hours with them, over practices, bus rides, team dinners, lifts, etc that you begin to see their real personalities and the different qualities that make them unique. We have been here around two months, a sufficient amount of time to let your walls down a bit, so, here are a few observations about the different personalities and quirks of the Class of 2017 (may or may not be exaggerated for dramatic effect):

Kat: Crazy shoulder shrug when she gets a kill; accompanied by the firing of her ‘hand guns’. Strange shoulder shrug when she gets blocked.
Maggie: Eats a full meal during matches. Consumes 4+ meals a day. Consumes 5+ bananas each day.
Mickey: Known to dance during warm-ups, time-outs, and any time.
Abby: Surprising taste in music for a bubbly blonde. Secretly related to Michelle Woodworth.
Sam: If you make eye contact, she will smile. If you look up, she is probably looking at you, and smiling.
Kelly: “My goal is to make people smile when they play volleyball.” – Don’t worry, she was not talking about the other team.
Jet: Known to carry a towel with her to class.

Meet the class of 2017:

Katherine Stevens, RS/MH
Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado
Food: Chocolate milk
Movie: World War Z
Role Model: Dad
Pet Peeve: Wet socks
Why Lafayette: Laf is the perfect combination of a solid liberal arts education and being able to play D1 volleyball. I also like leopards.
Interesting fact: I have synesthesia

Michaela Tummings, RS
Hometown: Columbia, Maryland
Major: Policy Studies
Potential Career Path: Lawyer
Favorite food: Bacon
Movie: Ocean's Eleven
Role model: My dad
Pet peeve: When people slam doors
Why Lafayette: The quality of the academics that students receive here is really great and the sense of community is amazing.
Interesting fact: I started my sports career as a basketball player; I started dribbling at 4!

Samantha Volk, S
Hometown: Born in Galveston, Texas but I grew up in Houston, Texas
Major: film and media studies
Potential career path: screenwriter for Disney or Pixar
Favorite food: chicken quesadillas
Movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Role model: my brothers
Pet peeve: immaturity
Why Lafayette: It was the perfect mix of everything I was looking for: awesome academics, beautiful campus, small class sizes, and Division 1 volleyball.
Interesting fact: I auditioned to be on Disney Channel when I was younger and got a callback for the show Phil of the Future but never pursued it  

Kelly Flynn, MB
Hometown: Flushing, NY
Major: Engineering (probably Chemical)
Favorite food: Sticky rice
Movie: Rio
Role model: My mom
Interesting fact: I love llamas
Pet peeve: Unmade beds
Potential career path: Get my degree in Chemical Engineering and then go to MedSchool
Why Lafayette: Laf had the beautiful campus I wanted as well as the majors I wanted to pursue.

Jet Manzi, OH
Hometown: Marlboro, NJ
Major: Bio major
Role Model: Mom and Dad
Food: Buffalo wings
Movie: Stepbrothers
Potential Career Path: Want to be a physical therapist
Pet Peeve: When people blame others for their mistakes
Why Lafayette: Perfect mix of academics and athletics with small class sizes and it's beautiful
Interesting fact: Was a state champion for gymnastics

Maggie Evans, RS/MB
Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Potential Career Path: Physical therapist for wounded veterans
Food: Pasta
Movie: Finding Nemo
Role Model: My mother, Melinda Evans
Pet peeve: Being tardy
Why Lafayette: The beautiful campus and the great academics. It felt like home.
Interesting fact: I placed second in the nation for double Dutch freestyle in fifth grade.

Abby Zeller, DS
Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania
Major: Biology
Potential career path: Dentistry
Food: Chipotle
Movie: this is the end
Role model: my grandfather
Interesting fact: I like to ski
Pet peeve: when people lick their fingers after they eat something messy
Why Lafayette: small class sizes, a gorgeous campus, and both good academics and DI sports