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Dig This - Patriot League Preview

Sept. 24, 2010

We are already done with four weeks of classes, which means it's time to start Patriot League play!

Our first Patriot League match will be Holy Cross, and we will be traveling to Massachusetts. The bus ride is a long one - about 4-5 hours - so we usually bring work and movies to keep ourselves occupied. After we play at Holy Cross, we will be getting back on the bus and driving to West Point, N.Y., where we will play Army the next day.

We always look forward to away weekends because in addition to providing us with great competition, they are also great bonding times for our team. It is always exciting for us when Coach Campbell gives us a copy of the weekend itinerary, especially since on the back are the long-awaited roommate assignments for the hotel! We are especially excited for our trip to Army this year since we get to eat in their dining hall on Saturday morning!

Patriot League games are always Friday and Saturday, which is great for us academically, since we have to miss minimal class, as well as mentally and physically, since it gives us a week to prepare for the weekend ahead. There are eight teams in the Patriot League which then get divided into four pairs to determine the schools we play in the same weekend. They are divided based on location; we are paired with Lehigh, Holy Cross with Army, Bucknell with Colgate and Navy with American.

For the past four weeks, we have been playing non-league matches, as well as preparing for League matches. So far, we have had two home tournaments, and played in both Washington D.C. and New York City. During a typical week, we lift and condition on Mondays and lift again on Wednesdays in addition to everyday practice.

The purpose of playing non-league matches is to get a feel for what we need to improve on as well as what our strengths are. They also help us develop goals that carry through the season and help us with our ultimate goal of playing to our highest potential. Whenever we play matches, we keep in mind specific goals we have made as a team. These goals help ensure that we communicate, since that is such a vital thing in our sport, serve aggressively and spread out our offense to make us harder to defend. All of our goals are things that we can control. This means they can apply to every match and help us play at a high level no matter who is on the other side of the net!



As we go into our first Patriot League weekend, we are excited and ready to show the League how hard we have been working. We're confident that if we play our game with our goals in mind, we will walk away with some big Patriot League wins! We're excited to get our first one tomorrow and hope to see you there!

- The Class of 2012