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Dig This - Sept. 22

Lexy Russo checks in for the latest edition of Dig This

Sept. 22, 2011

Junior Alexandra Russo recaps the non-league season and prepares for Patriot League play in the latest edition of "Dig This".

August 10th - the start of preseason - seems like a distant memory. However, it's impossible to forget the tough practices, early morning workouts and hours upon hours spent in volleyball mode. Our off-court bonding throughout preseason has been the glue that has held our team together. The time we spent together eating dinners at Campus Pizza, bonding on the weekends during our much-needed day off or just hanging out in the locker room after practices went from awkwardly making small talk with 16 girls to chatting with your best friends. I've learned more about our underclassmen this past week than I have ever known.

As the season continues, we will continue to get to know more about each other by sharing our "25 things" about ourselves. Our "25 things" are personal facts about ourselves that people normally wouldn't know. They are things that don't exactly come up in everyday conversation, but information that adds to the teams understanding of one another and the overall trust we have as a team. It is so much fun to read the corky, weird, and always shocking facts about your teammates.

For example I hate cake, brownies and anything that remotely resembles a cupcake. This fact generally causes a bit of an uproar among the chocolate lovers on the team, but it adds a little something to my character that my teammates would otherwise never know. I knew that we were really making some real progress as a team when freshman Cami Beghou finally realized that I was from New Jersey yesterday at practice. I had to remind her that one can be a Jersey native without a fake tan or Snooki hairdo.

After our last weekend tournament, we had our `Friends of Lafayette Volleyball' team social. This is something Coach Campbell organizes to bring the team together with families, friends and alumni. Essentially, it's a dinner and a time to hang out after our games when everyone has permission to stuff their faces while bonding over our mutual love of food. The parents always bring some dishes, and it's so nice to have a home-cooked meal. I had eight members of my family to introduce to the team, which is a lot more nerve racking than it would seem. My aunt and uncle came out to watch our games all the way from Oregon, Alana Taylor's home state, to watch us play. And my other relatives, who would be sad if I didn't mention them, were our cheering squad for our games.



With twelve non-league games already over, the time has come to step it up a notch for Patriot League play. All the kinks and pre-game jitters will be smoothed out this week as we head into our first weekend of PL games. First up are Holy Cross and Army. These two games will be a challenge, but we're fired up and ready to meet each of these teams head on. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together and everyone's role on the team has started to become clearer. With all of our goals in front of us and the stage set we're ready for the start of our 2011 Patriot League volleyball season. To the PLT we go!