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Sept. 20, 2009

This fall, junior volleyball players Kayly Elmer and Katrina Racibarskas have teamed up off the court to fill Leopard fans in on the 2009 volleyball season. They will take readers from preseason to key conference match-ups while also giving the inside scoop on roadtrips, their teammates and more. Be sure to check all season to get your fill of Lafayette Volleyball!

Hello again! In recent volleyball news we successfully beat Coppin State and went 3-0 last weekend in our Crosstown Showdown tournament. After defeating Niagara Friday night, we went on to beat Providence and Rider Saturday. Though we played well, there were no easy wins. Niagara challenged us with their quick sets and powerful shots. However, after a bit of a wake-up call, we adjusted to the pace of the game and fought hard. It was the first time our team really came together and played confidently with high energy from everyone. There was no doubt in our minds we wouldn't win.

The high of winning Friday failed to carry to Saturday when we lost the first set to Providence. Providence, an evenly-matched team, won points off their mix-up of tips and many of our own mistakes. With a fire under us, we went on to win the next two sets. Providence was not about to let up and started the fourth set with a 9-2 lead. Unfortunately, despite fighting hard, we dropped the fourth set. The fifth set was it. In our huddle there was nothing but positive chatter and coolness from all. We came out onto the court, smiles on our faces. We knew where to place the ball and where to dig the ball. Success!! The game was ours. Thoughts passed our mind of how cool it would be to go 3-0 in the tournament...Coach would be pleased. Rider was the only factor standing in our way. In a 3-0 win, we were able to sweep the tournament!! What a great feeling!