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Dig This: Preseason 2013

Aug 30, 2013

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Well, LCVB is back, better than ever, and ready to begin our season. We all arrived on August 11st after a relaxing summer of lifting triweekly, traveling the world, nannying, and working at Bible camp; Danielle Towslee even took a physics class. For me, that's pushing it a bit. The day we arrived was filled with meetings, team rules, introductions, and it ended with the usual 'All you can eat pasta' team dinner. Preseason 2013 was officially underway: double days, miles, beep tests, lift tests, team meals, and ice baths.

We wound down with the yearly surprise lake trip. This year we kicked off lake day with some sprints on the football field (gotta feel pain to feel true joy). No lake day is ever complete without a performance by former thespian, and assistant coach JT Pursel (Coach P). Coach P informed us all that coach would not be attending practice due to our disappointing performance in the sprints that morning. He continued to say that we would be redoing the conditioning workout later that day (the same workout that caused at least one player to vom), so this statement may or may not have brought tears to the eyes of a few members of the squad. As fear began to creep back into our minds, we put our hands in the middle to cheer and head to practice. All of a sudden, our captains, seniors Molly Belcher and Karissa Ciliento, screamed the seven words that sound like music when combined, "Just kidding, we're going to the lake!" So, later that day we hopped into cars, drove to coach's lake house, and were greeted by a regal spread of dips and chips, grilled chicken, fruit salad, cookies, and hours of Toy Story and lounging (shout out to Coach).

The next days flew by. We helped move in the members of the class of 2017, and our seven freshmen finally learned that people other than the rest of the team, the coaches, and Carly and Casey actually exist. School began with normal practices and lift, but this time we focused strictly on game-play: mini scrimmage drills, serve and pass, and different line-ups. Because we worked so hard in the off-season, we jumped into volleyball right away.

Finally, here we are, the day before we begin our first weekend of preseason games, and I believe I speak for everyone when I say this—-we are ready. Our food orders are in, bus movies have been discussed, but most importantly we are ready to play. We are performing at a high, fast-paced level, and are ready to show off all we have worked on for the past two weeks. And to be honest, we can only scrimmage each other so much. People start cheating up when a certain team member serves, because 5 times out of 6, it lands in front of the ten foot line; so-and-so always hits to her left; one girl double bounces after killing the ball; if you set a certain player too low, look away quickly because you may be turned to stone. It is good (and a little scary) how much we have learned about each other and our game play, but now we are planning on taking that strong connection we have built and bringing it to the court.

Stay tuned for our next Dig This-- done in film instead of writing!

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Let's go leopards!