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Dig This: Preseason

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Junior Setter Molly Belcher and Junior Outside Hitter Karissa Ciliento chronicle preseason workouts.

The effort put in, both on and off the court, during the first week of preseason has us closer to our goal of being fully prepared for our first match against Rider on August 26th and for the rest of the 2012 season.

Beginning August 10th, the team got right into things with a run test and the start of two a days. We continued off the court with the combination of pool or running workouts and lifts led by our strength and conditioning coach that have worn our muscles out, but with the help of our new nutritionist we feel energized for the next challenge every morning.

On the court, we have progressed from drills to intra-squad scrimmages, and are continuing to build off our successes from this past spring.

Meanwhile our five new freshmen have been transitioning into volleyball at the college level. Along the way we have found some interesting differences between the preseason mind set of a freshman compared to a senior...oh how time flies!

Typical freshman:

6am: "WHERE AM I?! Oh yeah. My stomach hurts. I wonder what we're doing today. I feel sick. I hope we remembered to put everything away correctly. I miss my mom. I had a nightmare that I got cut from the team. at least I hope that was a nightmare...."

During conditioning: "I'm going to die. I hope I'm not last. I'd rather be kidnapped right now than doing sprint laps."

Mid practice: "Uh oh I hope Coach didn't see me make that mistake. What is this drill? Where am I supposed to be? Oops was that my ball? I hope I don't get hit in the face."

Right before bed: "Do I really have to do this all again tomorrow?"

End of preseason: "I can't wait to be a senior."

Typical senior:

6am: "Ugh it's early. Okay so the next time I can nap is noon. Got it. Maybe I'll have a banana for breakfast."

During conditioning: "Phew. Good thing I worked out this summer."

Mid practice: "Are we doing more than Lehigh right now?"

Right before bed: "My bones. My muscles. Why do I feel like I am 90 years old....zzzzz...."

End of preseason: "I'd give anything to be a freshman again."