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Dig This - 2010 Debut

Aug. 3, 2010

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"Dig This" is back for its sophomore season on! This fall, several members of the Lafayette women's volleyball team will take turns filling fans in on everything from the first day of preseason, to the season opener, key league matches and, of course, some behind-the scenes stories. Today, junior Mary Cunning and Alana Taylor talked about the days leading up to preseason.

It's finally August...which means preseason is only days away! This summer Alana and I have spent the second session of summer here at Lafayette for the six weeks leading up to preseason. We both are taking classes here, as well. I am taking a Government and Law class with Professor McCartney called "Politics of Latin America and the Caribbean." It is a very small class of four students, but very interesting and I'm enjoying it. Alana is taking a Sociology class called "Deviance" with Professor Shulman. Her class is also small, having only seven students. They have done things like eat exotic foods and watch movies containing deviance. For the most part, campus is pretty quiet but not for long...most fall student-athletes return within the next two weeks.

In addition to class, working out has been a big part of our routine everyday. It is extremely important to be in tip-top shape once preseason starts. Preseason is very physically and mentally demanding, so it is crucial to feel healthy and prepared. Our workouts consist of running, lifting, agilities and plyos. We've also taken every opportunity to play volleyball.

Our routine begins with our Strength Coach, Coach Potts, who lifts with us three days a week. He has been very helpful in preparing us and keeping us strong! On our own, we do our running workouts about five days a week. Our cardio workouts consist of sprints, jumping, circuits and some long distance running. The workouts vary every day depending on how our bodies feel, but we have really liked the ability to use the facilities and campus to our advantage. Also, having a partner to work out with has been really nice since we are able to push each other and stay creative with our workouts.



In addition, we have been training for the volleyball team's run test, the infamous timed mile. The goal is to make your mile under seven minutes, so we have been working hard to make sure we achieve this and maintain it throughout preseason and the regular season.

Although we know preseason will be challenging, the excitement is definitely building as our first day approaches! We can't wait to see our other returning teammates whom we've missed SO much and to meet our new incoming freshman! We are ready to work hard and start a successful season!!

-Mary and Alana