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From The Circle -- Patriot League Play

April 12, 2011

Okay so I know it has been awhile since our last blog but give us some slack, because we are STUDENT-athletes, which means we run on a tight schedule.

We are going to skip right passed our home match-up against Holy Cross (it's better that way) and skip right to our non-conference games. Last Wednesday we played Wagner in which we received our... drum roll please... second win!!!! Yayyy go us.

It was an exciting game for us because our bats came alive and their pitchers didn't know how to throw to us. I have to give a shout out to Carly Feiro for hitting her first collegiate homerun. What made it even better was that her parents and brother were there to see it. On the defensive side, we made few to no errors, so great job defense!

Ali not only threw a stellar game by allowing just one run, but also was hot at the plate. She couldn't have done as well as she did if it wasn't for Rachael Trupp calling a great game. She did an amazing job behind the plate. If I congratulated everyone who played well that game this blog would go on forever. So to all, nice job.

Now, getting back to the not so great news... We played Lehigh this past Sunday after getting rained out on Friday. We failed to bring home any victories that day but our defense proved itself worthy by playing flawlessly. It was also nice to see several alumni come back to support us. It was much appreciated and nice to see them all.

Our next games will be played tomorrow where we hope to take two from the Mountain Hawks.