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From The Circle -- Manhattan Recap & Fla. Fact-Checking

March 29, 2011

Due to the fact that Stacey has done our last two blogs, I figure it's probably about time to give Kush a break and write this week's edition.

Ok, now before I begin, I would like to address some of the false accusations made by Stacey in her previous blogs.

In her Florida blog that recapped a paintball excursion, Stacey stated: "Although some people beg to differ, the yellow team came out with a glorious victory!".

Everyone begs to differ with her paintball play-by-play...except the yellow team of course. At the time, I would have agreed with Stacey when she said that the yellow team won. However, after reviewing some incriminating footage on Ali's Flipcam, it can be concluded that the yellow team did in fact bend the rules...a lot.

Some yellow team members had tactics such as wiping off paint from their masks to make it look as though they had not been hit. Others, such as Niki Pettingill, took slightly less subtle approaches. Niki decided that after being lit up reminiscent of Tony Montana in the final scene of Scarface, that somehow she was still in the game. She claimed, "the paintballs didn't break on her" while she rolled around in the dirt to make the paint marks less glaring.

Now at the Seton Hall tournament, the "unknown softball player" who was throwing up in the dugout from eating too many strawberries and bananas...that was the medical mystery herself, Stacey Kushner. Stacey's mysterious stomach ailment has baffled the greatest medical minds that Lafayette has to offer. We've been so accustomed to her frequent but small episodes that we consider it a totally normal occurrence to attempt to hook slide around her landmines she has left at home plate during practice...gross, I know.

Anyway, back to the real point of this blog. This weekend we had a doubleheader against Manhattan College. We're all used to playing softball in the arctic tundra that is Metzgar Fields, this weekend's weather was the most frigid temperatures most of us have ever played in. We faced a record low of 27 degrees accompanied with gale force winds that no amount of layers could keep out.



We were even more ecstatic to find that the field was mostly encompassed by shade, which probably dropped the temperatures down to into negative numbers...sounds fun right? Although most of the sane members on the team attempted to layer up with any article of clothing we could find, Mary braved the cold in nothing but her t-shirt uniform top. She seemed fine for most of the doubleheader until a mild case of hypothermia set in during the last couple innings of the final game. It was only until after her face turned an alarming shade of blue that she was allowed to be convinced to at least put on one Under Armour.

Even though we dropped both games to Manhattan, there were a few highlights. Jordan hit her first home run of the season, and a double so hard that it actually got stuck in between the grates of the metal fence.

After two devastating losses, the team was thankful to get on the bus, which unfortunately was not much warmer than outside. Even though we told the busdriver that it was pretty much snowing in the back rows, he didn't seem to get the concept of turning the heat up. The team decided to put our losses behind us by eating our sorrows away with delicious New York style pizza and garlic knots from Dino's Pizzeria.

After slipping into food-induced comas on the bus (or as Stacey Dorn calls it, "the itis"), we woke up at Kirby Sports Center looking forward to our day off and our upcoming Patriot League home opener against Holy Cross this weekend.