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From The Circle -- Seton Hall Tourney Edition

March 23, 2011

Stacey here again, with some not so great news. I would love to report that the Seton Hall Tournament was a success, but unfortunately it wasn't. Well, at least in terms of wins and losses.

After getting back from Florida around 6 p.m. Thursday night, we had to wake up at 5:15 a.m. the next morning to head to South Orange, N.J. We were exhausted from the games and travel, yet were ready to play again. After a silent bus ride because we all were dead asleep, we arrived at Seton Hall. Our first game was against Sacred Heart. Before the game started we begged Stacey (Friends of Football) Dorn to do her Ms. New Booty dance. There was no hesitation on her part. With other music playing over the loud speaker, Dorn sang the song out loud while doing her "special" dance. This loosened the team up and we were ready to go. Sacred Heart was a pretty decent team. They had to have been because they scored 12 runs on us. Enough said.

Our next game was against Manhattan. This was a well-played game throughout. Our rally started in the third inning when Gwen (A Really Good Dancer) Turner led us off with a single. Mel (Rudy) Ruderman bunted to move Gwen over and then I happened to get on on a fielder's choice. Emily Noel came up big with a shot to the outfield, which scored both Gwen and myself. After a few walks and two more hits, two more runs were scored.

Kerry (Food Baby) Griffin earned a well-deserved RBI by receiving a blow to the wrist. We were winning the whole game until they strung together a few hits to take the lead. Mro (Melissa Robinson) continued to pitch a great game, which allowed us to remain on top. Manhattan came back and scored two more runs in the bottom of the third but they weren't too extravagant and we weren't worried. After we allowed a few walks in the fourth inning, Manhattan managed to scrounge up two more runs. Unfortunately, those four runs we earned in the third were all we were able to produce.



After both games we hopped back on the bus and headed to our favorite eatery in the world...Panera. We may or may not eat there every road trip we are on. Our trip back was just like any other bus ride we have been on. Some girls listen to their ipods, others chit chat about random things, while some passed out from exhaustion. When arriving back on the deserted campus, some girls decided to play some volleyball outside the courts to pass the time. It was such a beautiful day out that no one wanted to stay inside.

Saturday came before we knew it and we were on the bus once again except not quite as early. Our first opponent of the day was Seton Hall. Before we stepped onto the field, we knew this was going to be a tough team yet we were willing to fight. Emily pitched well and hit even better. We had just as many hits as they did however ours was not one after the other but rather spread out. The final verdict was a 7-3 loss. After the brackets were filled out, we ended up playing Seton Hall 20 minutes later.

This game started off really well. We scored first and stayed ahead the whole game. The action did not just happen on the field but rather in the dugout as well. At some point during the game some "unknown" softball player threw up due to eating too many strawberries and bananas. The helpful Stacey Dorn got on her hands and knees to cover it up with dirt. Besides that gross fun fact, Maddy (Ma) Allen decided to show off her guns by showing everyone how well she could climb the fence along with fellow teammate Cody (Fall Risk) Kugler.

Anyway... after a long game in which we were winning, it all came down to the bottom of the seventh. We could taste victory. Sadly, their third basemen decided to hit a walk off home run to end the game. A bit of a downer but we played one of the best games we've played all year.

Sunday was our final day of the tournament. We played Manhattan once again. Lauren Hasson started and threw a good game. After a few errors on our part, the final score ended up being 4-0. Although our performance on the field wasn't too hot, our dugout was poppin'. Our amazing and creative cheering was lead by Niki (Do Work) Pettingill and Emily Noel. Amy (Forearm) Gebhart added her sweet dance moves to make the cheering legit.

Congrats to Gwen and Carly (Honda) Feiro for making all-tournament team!

We headed back to school and dreaded the next few hours because it was catch up time. After playing 15 games in just over a week, we were drained. However, we are student-athletes which means we had some homework to do - lots of homework. Okay, I'm tired, so until next time...