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From the Circle - Florida Recap

March 21, 2011

Lafayette Blog Central

Welcome to our first ever Lafayette Softball blog! For the next several weeks both myself, Stacey Kushner, and my esteemed teammate, Kerry Griffin, will be writing this blog to let all you followers out there learn more about the inner workings of our team. This will be more than just the stats but rather getting down to the long road trips, our hotel fun, drama and all the hot gossip.

So let's get started... After our fun but long road trip down to South Carolina, we had a week and a half to prepare ourselves for our trek down to Florida. It would be an understatement to say we were excited to leave this God forsaken weather and head down to the 80-degree sunshine. Everything went as planned with no lines during security, but it slowly went down hill after that.

Our flight was delayed approximately 45 minutes due to unknown reasons and then we proceeded to have the most turbulent flight of our lives. Some of us refer to it as the "death flight" because it was that bad. At one point, I thought the oxygen masks were going to drop down from the overhead compartments. Some of us were laughing while others were gripping the armrests so tight that their knuckles turned white.

Melissa (Mro) Robinson was probably weeping silently into her hood. We couldn't tell because she wears sunglasses on airplanes because she is that cool. Now this turbulence lasted for about 30 minutes but they were very uneasy as we were lifted out of our seats. I never thought I would be thankful for seatbelts on airplanes.

After we finally landed, we grabbed the vans and headed to our gnarly condos. These condos probably could hold up to ten people but we were lucky enough to split our team into three groups of six to seven people. I was quick to grab the king size bed with the master bathroom attached and let the freshmen bunk together in the full beds. The other seniors pulled rank in the other condos as well, but there were no complaints throughout the week.



After a great night's sleep we headed to our first team bonding event of the year. This was a surprise planned by Coach Asselta so our level of curiosity was out the door because we never know what she has in store for us. She's a tricky little devil that one. Low and behold, we pull up to a paintballing arena!

We were off the walls ecstatic. Coach split us into three teams: team yellow lead by myself and Ali (Hank) Henry, team black lead by the outfielders, and team pink lead by Kerry and Kristin (God of the Universe) Garganio. The next few hours were entertaining to say the least. I was sniped between the eyes at an impossible angle by freshman Lauren (Lo) Hasson. Some people thought they were quite the James Bond by rolling around and sprinting from one barrier to the other when in reality they looked like morons. Sophomore Emily Noel was one of those people who, in fact, was quite good at paint balling but failed to realize that she was in a bright red shirt so anyone could spot her a mile away.

Also, I was shot by Ali, my own teammate, not once but twice! However, we chalked it up to friendly fire so I did not leave the game. The black and yellow teams decided to come together and gang up on the pink team during capture the flag. We had them trapped in their own castle with their tails between their legs. Time eventually ran out because they were too scared to come out so our third and final game commenced. This was one giant free for all. Although some people beg to differ, the yellow team came out with a glorious victory!

So after several grueling games of paintballing, we headed back to the condos to get ready for our doubleheader. With our adrenaline running we entered Osceola Park where we met our first opponent, Indiana State University. Unfortunately, after trailing 1-0 the entire game, we couldn't put up any runs to take the lead.

This trend of not producing runs tended to be our problem throughout the rest of the tournament. After our tough loss against ISU, our next game was against Bryant. We were ahead the whole game until the sixth inning when they decided to go yard on us. Both these games were well played and we have to give props to Lauren (Hickey) Murphy because she was the freshman who stepped up and hit two doubles.

The end result to all our games tended to be the same. We played tough teams and never quit yet things did not fall in place for us. We believe that every ump was out to get us and we aren't really sure why. No call went our way. Now, this isn't an excuse but rather just letting you know that luck was not on our side. When we started hitting, we hit directly at players. When our pitchers were pitching extremely well, the umps had the smallest strike zone. We couldn't buy a break.

Two days later, we had our team dinner. We let some of the freshmen pick the restaurant and we ended up at Joe's Crab Shack. This was a place where the waiters danced on tables and sang the Cupid Shuffle. It was a fun time. We told our waitress that it was Kerry's birthday so they dressed her up in a nice pink wig, put angel wings on her, and gave her a pretty wand. She pranced around our tables as we sung happy birthday to her. Meanwhile, our stealthy Mro stole a roll of toilet paper because we were out in our condo. Now, being cheap college students, this clearly seemed like the only option.

Monday soon arrived and that was our day off. Some of us went to go see Harry Potter because we are somewhat obsessed while others decided to lay out and get roasted by the sun, cough cough Stacey Dorn. You would think she would learn that laying out in the sun with no sunscreen would end in disaster. This was a nice day to unwind and have some fun and I think we all managed to do that.

The rest of the week generally went the same way. One game coach got a little feisty at the umps because they once again were not doing their job. However, even in the heat of the moment the ump complimented her by saying, "You got to give it to her. she sure is passionate." To argue with the umps throughout the game and still receive a compliment has to say something about a coach.

Our final game was against Rider and after receiving several losses prior, we were hungry for a win. Ali and I decided to create an arrow on our faces out of eye black to look intimidating. Others wore it smeared down their faces. We were ready. After a tough battle, the gods were with us for once, and we came out with a win. It was the perfect way to end our stay in Florida!

Thursday arrived before we knew it and we were sad to say good-bye to the nice warm weather. We all came back with beautiful tans, except for pasty Kerry who can never get any color no matter how hard she tries. Okay so this blog needs to end now because we have only a few hours before we get up at 5:15 a.m. to head to Seton Hall for our next tournament. Until next time...  


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