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Spotted on Campus With... Jordan Parsons

March 14, 2013

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Sport: Softball
Class: 2013
Major: Government & Law

I. Academics

Why did you choose Lafayette?  How is (or is not) that reason relevant today?
I chose Lafayette because I was looking to be challenged academically and athletically. The unique and involved campus community and demanding liberal arts education were important to me when I decided to come to Lafayette, but I may have underestimated the impact that these factors could have on my college experience. I don’t think I fully understood the extent to which the close relationships with incredible professors and small classroom settings would allow me to grow as a student. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a Lafayette student-athlete and I am proud to be a Leopard. 

What do you enjoy about your major?
In the Gov/Law department, I’ve had the opportunity to take courses across a variety of subfields that extend beyond what I originally expected the major to be. Political theory has changed the way I read and interpret information, both in an academic and contemporary context. 

One class that every Lafayette student should try to take is…
Contemporary Fiction with Professor Ian Smith

What has been your most important academic experience (class/project/internship) at Lafayette?
Studying abroad in Strasbourg, France for the fall semester of my junior year.

II. Athletics

How has being a team captain changed your approach to this season?

We have a very young team this year, and I think that this has strengthened my awareness of my role as a captain. I try to be very conscious that what I say and what I do, both on and off the field, are setting a positive example for my teammates.

What goals has the team set for 2013 and how does it plan on achieving those goals?
We’re looking to take the Patriot League title – we set small goals for each day on the field that we believe will eventually allow us to achieve our season goal. If we put the work in everyday, trust our preparation and our abilities, and stay committed to the program and to one another, we’re putting ourselves in a great position to be successful.

III. Personal

What reality show could you see yourself being part of?
My family has been told we should have our own reality show, I don’t think they’ve made one crazy enough for us yet.

What song/band/album is most likely to be playing on your iPod?
John Mayer or Mumford and Sons

What movie can you quote word-for-word?
A League of Their Own. And every episode of Gilmore Girls.

Who is most famous person you have ever met?
Ron Rivera

IV: Leopard Tracks
Nickname: JP, Jip
Celebrity Doppelganger: still on the lookout for this one
Favorite author: Jodi Picoult
Favorite book: Kite Runner
Go to food spot on College Hill/Easton: Slainte’ Irish Pub
Favorite Cartoon Character: Pocahontas
Words to Live By: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” –Abraham Lincoln