Lafayette Women's Soccer Captains
Season Captain(s)
1990-1991 Emily Bristol, Christine Raudensky
1991-1992 Lauren Balbirer, Lee Duck
1992-1993 Margaret Cunningham, Lee Duck
1993-1994 Heidi Caruso, Nancy Cianfrocca, Margaret Cunningham
1994-1995 Emily Boyd, Arlene Eason, Sue Parker
1995-1996 Nicole Beyer, Elise Joseph, Jennifer Lawlor
1996-1997 Jen Best
1999-2000 Danielle Bernotas, Kristy Buechele, Janelle Maginnis
2000-2001 Kristy Buechele, Emily Josephson, Ashley Wesmiller
2001-2002 Kristy Buechele, Briana Rinchiuso, Ashley Wesmiller
2002-2003 Sarah Harting, Briana Rinchiuso, Ashley Wesmiller
2003-2004 Miriam Habeeb, Kerrie Kiley, Meghan Ramsey
2004-2005 Kelly Brady,Emily Kellner, Meghan Sweeney
2005-2006 Ellie Burke, Kelli McMahon
2006-2007 Trista Burke, Caroline Tuttle, Ashley Yelland
2007-2008 Megan Hillin, Caroline Tuttle, Ashley Yelland
2008-2009 Alisa Chapla and Jackie Marchese
2009-2010 Olivia Hawes, Mackenzie Moore, Kim Sorace
2010-2011 Olivia Hawes, Mackenzie Moore, Kim Sorace
2011-2012 Elizabeth Cole, Janelle Pierson
2012-2013 Lauren Smedley, Allison Stone
2013-2014 Catherine Galgano
2014-2015 Jaclyn Giordano, Alexandra Reisinger
2015-2016 Kelly Chickering, Samantha Potoczak, Anna Wissler

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