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Squad Boasts Twenty Academic Honor Roll Members

June 24, 2010

EASTON, Pa. - A Patriot League-best twenty members of the women's lacrosse team were named to the Patriot League Academic Honor Roll, announced Wednesday afternoon.

All four classes were represented, with six freshmen and six sophomores leading the way.

Seniors Julia Bateman (English, 3.5), Emily Bjork (Government & Law, 3.57), Courtney Bryan (Policy Studies, 3.6), Maria Drehwing (Art and Government & Law, 3.8) and Lauren Ingersoll (American Studies and English, 3.25) were recognized, with Drehwing's 3.8 grade-point average (GPA) leading the group.

Three juniors - Bree Belmonte (Government & Law, 3.6), Lauren Brown (Art and English, 3.5) and Tara Winter (History, 3.35) were also named to the list.

The sophomore class included Alexa Biale (English and Art, 3.6), Lauren Curley (American Studies, 3.42), Kim Harkins (Government & Law, 3.32), Margaux LeBuffe (American Studies, 3.75), Lisa O'Donnell (Economics & Business and Art, 3.75) and Meg Ohlmacher (Government & Law and History, 3.6).



Freshman Sam Dalmass (Chemistry) led the team with her 3.85 GPA. Classmates Ana Drehwing (Biology, 3.75) Katie Leto (History, 3.5), Cammie Linville (Undeclared, 3.57), Victoria Maxon (Biology, 3.25) and Katie Mischler (Mathematics-Economics, 3.25) rounded out the 20 honorees.

Maria Drehwing is a four-time member of the Academic Honor Roll, while Bjork and Winter are now three-time honorees. For Biale, Belmonte, Bryan, O'Donnell, Ohlmacher, Bateman and Ingersoll, this year marks the second year they have earned Honor Roll status.

Name	         Cl.	Major	                     GPA
Julia Bateman	 Sr.	English 	             3.5
Bree Belmonte	 Jr.	Government & Law	     3.6
Alexa Biale	 So.	English and Art	             3.6
Emily Bjork	 Sr.	Government & Law	     3.57
Lauren Brown	 Jr.	Art and English	             3.5
Courtney Bryan	 Sr.	Policy Studies	             3.6
Lauren Curley	 So.	American Studies	     3.42
Sam Dalmass      Fr.	Chemistry	             3.85
Ana Drehwing	 Fr.	Biology	                     3.75
Maria Drehwing	 Sr.	Art and Government & Law     3.8
Kim Harkins      So.	Government & Law	     3.32
Lauren Ingersoll Sr.	American Studies and English 3.25
Margaux LeBuffe	 So.	American Studies	     3.75
Katie Leto	 Fr.	History	                     3.5
Cammie Linville	 Fr.	Undeclared	             3.57
Victoria Maxon	 Fr.	Biology	                     3.25
Katie Mischler	 Fr.	Mathematics-Economics	     3.25
Lisa O'Donnell	 So.	Economics & Business and Art 3.75
Meg Ohlmacher	 So.	Government & Law and History 3.6
Tara Winter	 Jr.	History	                     3.35