DiCroce's Days--Aug. 12

Go Leopards! DiCroce's Days talks about a 5-0 win and a tough loss.
DiCroce's Days talks about a 5-0 win and a tough loss.

Aug. 12, 2010

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EASTON, Pa. - I have been in Venezuela for 5 days now, but it feels like a month! Being here makes me really appreciate all of the things I take for granted back home. The drive to the facility where we play is about 15 minutes and along the way we pass a lot of homes and people.

The homes are usually very small, dirty, and sometimes even falling apart. The people are either homeless or walking to and from places because they don´t have cars. It really made me realize how lucky we have it back in the United States and it is such an honor for me to represent the US in this tournament.

Our first match went really well. On Monday we beat Venezuela 5-0. It took us a little bit to get the goal scoring started and at half time we were up 1-0. In the second half we took full advantage of our opportunities and scored 4 more goals.

It was really important to start our matches off with a win and it was especially exciting to beat the home team. We were really pleased with our play and hoped that the rest of our matches would go that smoothly.

On Tuesday we had practice and prepared for our match against Argentina. We knew that this game would be a challenge, but it was definitely winnable. Our practice went great. We played with a lot of intensity and concentration.

After practice we spent the rest of the day by the pool. Canada, Trinidad and Tobago are also staying in the same hotel as us so we always run into them at the pool. Many of you may know Querobin Mascarenhas (QB), who coaches at our Summer Camps and he is helping coach team Canada, so I always chat-it up with him whenever I see him.

Today, we woke up and did a little run to get us all awake and ready for the Argentina match. Unfortunately, the match did not go as planned. By half time we were down by one and in the second half they scored one more. The final score was 0-2.

This was very upsetting for us because we did not play like we usually do. Argentina controlled most of the game and we barely had any scoring chances. We just need to shake this loss off and put it behind us, but of course learn from our mistakes and hope that we won´t repeat them. On the bright side, it is better for us to lose now, then in the semifinals or even the finals. We just need to have a good, hard practice tomorrow and prepare for our match on Friday against Chile.



Overall I am having a great time here! I miss home of course, but I am very lucky to have this chance to travel to another country and play field hockey at the same time! We planned to go out and sight see, but there isn´t much to see in Venezuela and it is far too dangerous to venture outside of the hotel.

Preseason is rapidly approaching and I can´t wait to see everyone again!

Te hablo mas tarde! (I´ll talk to you later!) -Deanna

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