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Game-by-Game Highs

                              2017-18 Lafayette Women's Basketball
                       Lafayette Game-by-Game Highs (as of Jan 14, 2018)
                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
LA SALLE                  11/10/17  47-74   L   16-Martino, Oliv  6-Vipond, Tasha  2-Stipa, Sammy   3-Cantwell, Ale  1-Kucowski, Nat
                                                                    Kucowski, Nat    Martino, Oliv                     Santarelli, A
at Saint Peter's          11/12/17  61-64   L   20-Kucowski, Nat 19-Kucowski, Nat  3-Stipa, Sammy   3-Stipa, Sammy   1-Martino, Oliv
                                                                                                                       Kucowski, Nat
at Penn                   11/18/17  42-55   L   15-Ptasinski, An  8-Santarelli, A  3-Santarelli, A  3-Stipa, Sammy   3-Kucowski, Nat
                                                                    Kucowski, Nat
RIDER                     11/21/17  60-45  W    14-Ptasinski, An 11-Kucowski, Nat  8-Stipa, Sammy   3-Santarelli, A  2-Kucowski, Nat
LIU                       11/25/17  69-53  W    15-Kucowski, Nat  9-Freeland, Dre  6-Stipa, Sammy   3-Martino, Oliv  2-Kucowski, Nat
at Cornell                11/28/17  59-58  W    15-Kucowski, Nat 14-Kucowski, Nat  5-Stipa, Sammy   3-Kucowski, Nat  3-Kucowski, Nat
at DREXEL                 12/07/17  37-52   L    7-Freeland, Dre 14-Kucowski, Nat  3-Freeland, Dre  1-Stipa, Sammy   1-Santarelli, A
                                                   Kucowski, Nat                                      Agnello, Sara    Graham, Ellen
                                                                                                      Freeland, Dre
                                                                                                      Martino, Oliv
PRINCETON                 12/06/17  45-53   L   14-Kucowski, Nat 15-Kucowski, Nat  2-Stipa, Sammy   2-Ptasinski, An  1-Kucowski, Nat
                                                                                     Vipond, Tasha    Stipa, Sammy     Graham, Ellen
at Robert Morris          12/09/17  42-63   L    7-Freeland, Dre  8-Kucowski, Nat  3-Kucowski, Nat  1-Vipond, Tasha  1-Graham, Ellen
                                                                                                      Freeland, Dre
                                                                                                      Kucowski, Nat
                                                                                                      Graham, Ellen
WAGNER                    12/20/17  70-52  W    17-Freeland, Dre 18-Kucowski, Nat  5-Kucowski, Nat  3-Ptasinski, An  2-Kucowski, Nat
                                                                                     Stipa, Sammy
at Lehigh                 12/29/17  45-70   L   17-Kucowski, Nat 14-Kucowski, Nat  2-Stipa, Sammy   3-Graham, Ellen  3-Graham, Ellen
at Holy Cross             01/02/18  69-65  W    17-Martino, Oliv 12-Kucowski, Nat  4-Stipa, Sammy   4-Kucowski, Nat  3-Kucowski, Nat
COLGATE                   01/05/18  63-48  W    13-Freeland, Dre  9-Kucowski, Nat  3-Graham, Ellen  4-Kucowski, Nat  2-Kucowski, Nat
                                                                                     Agnello, Sara
at Bucknell               01/08/18  53-83   L   10-Martino, Oliv  6-Graham, Ellen  3-Graham, Ellen  2-Agnello, Sara  3-Graham, Ellen
                                                                                                      Ptasinski, An
ARMY                      01/11/18  60-65   L   17-Ptasinski, An  7-Kucowski, Nat  3-Stipa, Sammy   3-Kucowski, Nat  1-Kucowski, Nat
LOYOLA                    01/14/18  65-54  W    18-Kucowski, Nat  9-Kucowski, Nat  5-Stipa, Sammy   4-Kucowski, Nat  2-Kucowski, Nat