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Spotted on Campus With... Madeline Fahan

Nov. 27, 2012

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Sport: Basketball
Class: 2014
Major: Economics

I. Academics

Why did you choose Lafayette?  How is (or is not) that reason relevant today?
I am from Southern California and wanted to go to school on the east coast to get a new experience. I was looking for a small private college, with strong academics, that played Division I basketball.  Lafayette ended up being a perfect fit.  

What do you enjoy about your major?
I am an econ major and I really like the professors and the department as a whole.  Up until now, I have been taking mostly core classes to fulfill requirements for the major, but am I looking forward to taking more specific upper level classes such as Economics of Sports. 

One class that every Lafayette student should try to take is…
Anything taught by Professor Schneiderman. His courses are very interactive, and the topics are always interesting. His unique point of view and perspective on social and anthropological topics make his classes very enjoyable.

What has been your most important academic experience (class/project/internship) at Lafayette and why?
I took the three-week interim trip to Italy to study Renaissance Art with Professor Ahl and Pribic last May/June. The trip gave me the opportunity to see historical sites in Venice, Florence, and Rome, while also enjoying the Italian culture. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

II. Athletics

How would you define your role on the team (on and off the court)?
I think I am a glue-type of player for the team.  My job is to make things work, and do the small things. This generally means being a strong defender, taking shots when I’m open, making sure teammates are in the right position, being calm under pressure, and trying to minimize mistakes. Being an upperclassman now, my role off the court is the same.

What goals has the team set for 2012-13 and how does it plan on achieving those goals?
The team has set a goal of finishing in the top four of the Patriot League this year. For us to do this, we have to be more consistent and efficient, and win the close games. We will also face a lot of big name, tough opponents before League play begins.  We are looking for a signature win against one of those opponents that will show us that we can compete against anyone.

Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?
I was more superstitious when I was younger, but I always pack my game bag the same way and my pre-game warm-up is always the same.

III. Personal

What reality show could you see yourself being part of?
MTV’s The Challenge

What song/band/album is most likely to be playing on your iPod?
Rihanna, Drake, or Taylor Swift – depending on my mood

What movie can you quote word-for-word?
Dumb and Dumber or A Christmas Story

Who is most famous person you have ever met?
While eating dinner at a restaurant in Florida, I was asked to dance by Flavor Flav. I’m sad to say, he definitely outshined me on the dance floor.

IV: Leopard Tracks

Nickname: Mads, Maddawg, and Matilda (I owe the last one to Sarah McGorry)
Favorite author: Nicholas Sparks
Favorite book: The Hunger Games trilogy was one of my recent favorites
Favorite Meal: Sushi
Favorite Cartoon Character: Homer Simpson
Words to Live By: “If it means something to you, give it everything you’ve got.”