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Spotted on Campus With...Dianne Nolan

Head women's basketball coach Dianne Nolan

May 4, 2010

For the first time ever, sat down with a non student-athlete when it caught up with new head women's basketball Dianne Nolan. In the middle of making the move to Easton, Nolan found time to fill the Lafayette community in on basketball, summer vacations, the game of HORSE and more.

What is your earliest basketball memory? Summer in the Poconos at my mom's basketball camp with my brother. It was with House Landa and (former NBA player) Dave Bing.

What can you take from your sport and incorporate into everyday life? Hard work pays off.

What do you still wish to accomplish (on or off the court)? Win a game in the NCAA Tournament.

How would you characterize your leadership style? Friendly dictatorship

What do you look for in a prospective student-athlete? Talent, intelligence, integrity, work ethic and a good sense of humor

My pregame ritual is: Walk and listen to music

Biggest misconception about being a head coach: You only work 28 nights (game days)

Favorite drill you run in practices? Olympic shooting drill

Most embarrassing thing that's happened to me on the basketball court is: Getting leveled in a drill by a freshman on the first day of practice

Sport you would play or coach other than your own: Lacrosse

Something about me that others would be surprised to hear is: I am a good cook and love to dance

Worst part about moving: Losing stuff, living in boxes

Best part about moving: The adventure

Who wins a game of HORSE at your house? My youngest son, Josh

Best family vacation I ever took was: Cabo San Lucas

Favorite part of summer: Boogie Boarding in Ocean City, N.J.

Favorite midnight snack: Chips and milk

Food you can't live without: Peanut butter

Favorite TV show as a kid: Twilight Zone



Movie I can recite line-by-line: Replacements

Song that's currently playing on repeat on my iPod: New York by Alicia Keys