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The Full Court Press - The Lafayette-Lehigh Experience

Feb. 18, 2011

My first experience with the historic Lafayette-Lehigh rivalry is hard to forget. Arriving early on Jan. 22nd at Lehigh's gym, the place was empty, but one could feel the tension building. By the time the game started, the full force of a home-court advantage was evident. There were numerous fans and pictures of [Lehigh senior] Erica Prosser underneath our basket.

The Lafayette fans cheered loudly as we came into the gym. After we won the jump ball, Keisha made two foul shots to give us our first lead of the game. For the rest of the half, we fought to maintain a lead, but were not successful. Sarah's two foul shots brought us within eight at the half.

Going into the locker room, we realized there was a sense of urgency. As we entered the second half, our intensity kicked into high gear when Maddie stole a pass and Keisha made a layup. A missed three-pointer by a Lehigh player confirmed that we won the game. The team's emotions were overwhelming; it was as if we had won the Patriot League Championship. Everyone was yelling and jumping up and down. The whole

experience beating Lehigh in their gym was amazing! With Lehigh coming to Kirby Sports Centerthis weekend, there has been a lot of preparation. In addition to getting ready for our rivals on the court, the underclassmen are working hard to make Senior Day a memorable experience for Keisha, Liz and LJ. Family, friends, and alumni will be there cheering which will give us the home-court advantage against our oldest rivals.

- Danielle