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James Dyson

Lacrosse (Inducted: 1982-83)


James  Dyson

James Dyson overcame the odds of playing on a losing team to earn second team All-America honors as a sophomore in 1931 from the Spaulding Guide to Lacrosse, the foremost authority on lacrosse of its time.

In games against Army and Navy that year, Dyson was spectacular in goal, making 42 and 31 saves respectively. "Without question, he held the season's record for stops per game," said the Spaulding Guide. Again in 1932, the Leopards were outmatched against Army when Dyson made 42 saves. Reports also indicate that this Lancaster (PA) native was the field general for head coach Dave Bender. There was no intercollegiate team in 1933, but members of the former teams still gathered to play a series of scrimmages against the opposing colleges. Dyson also ran track in his senior year and was a member of the Middle Atlantic States one-mile relay championship team. Following graduation, Dyson charted a distinguished course that eventually led to his becoming head of the geology department here at Lafayette in 1948. He was particularly interested in the study of glaciers and wrote an award-winning book entitled "The World of Ice" in 1962