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The Real Deal

Turks and Caicos was a tempting destination, so tempting that it was on Stephanie Nickerson's short list of countries in which she wanted to study abroad. And why not? It's a beautiful island filled with luxurious resorts and stunning beaches situated on the Atlantic Ocean. With the clock ticking and her choice needing to be finalized, Nickerson, now a Lafayette College senior, put a lot of thought into what she wanted to get out of the month-long trip.
When other teenagers were trying to unearth ways to get out of doing school work in high school, Collin Albershardt was trying to figure out how he could get the most out of his classroom experience. Throughout his four years at Lafayette, nothing's changed. While he loves football and puts forth more effort than many when it comes to studying film, asking questions and knowing the playbook, Albershardt still puts studying ahead of everything else.

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