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Spotted on Campus With... Scott Gelbman

Sept. 17, 2012

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Men's Tennis
Class: 2013
Major: Government & Law

I. Academics

What do you enjoy about your major?
When I first came to Lafayette, I was set on being an Economics major.  However, after taking a Government & Law course, I was intrigued by how real and relevant the discussions in class were.  Politics and law is something that every person should be educated upon, because it impacts our daily lives in a very direct way.  Learning about these issues and talking about them is what I enjoy most about my major. 

One class/professor that every Lafayette student should try to take is...:
Any class with Professor Ilan Peleg. Not only is he an experienced and professional teacher, he is so knowledgeable and easy to speak with. I have learned so much from him over the years and have enjoyed every minute of his lectures.

What was your most unique academic experience (class/project/internship) at Lafayette?
A few weeks ago, I was able to go to the Democratic National Convention with my summer internship, which was working for Senator Paul Strauss.  Being able to have an awesome experience like that and see people like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama speak live made everything I have learned in the classroom actually come to life. 

II. Athletics

What goals have the tennis team set for this season?
Our team is extremely young.  We have one senior (myself) one junior, and the rest of the team are underclassmen.  The fall is about everybody getting used to the system and working their way into things, but I have high hopes for our spring season.  Our goal is to have a winning season and to make a run in the Patriot League Tournament.  But, most importantly, our goal is to go into every match with the mindset that we are going into a fight.  It always comes down to which team is willing to stay on the court longer and fight harder.

What is the typical conditioning program for a Lafayette tennis player?
We play six days a week and we condition on the track and lift during the winter.

As the only senior, how will you provide leadership to some of the younger players on the team?
Being the only senior is a unique situation.  Luckily, we have an awesome group of guys on the team, so I don't really need to provide any wisdom.  The guys know that every time I step out onto the court, I am willing to stay out there as long as it takes to get the job done.  I am known for having really long matches; usually I am the last guy to finish his match. So I guess I like to lead by example, as long as everyone on the team is willing to stay out there and grind it out, then I am doing my job, because all you can ask is for someone to try their best and to fight. 

III. Personal

What reality show would you have the best chance of winning?
I'd love to be on The Real World. You don't really "win" but it looks like an awesome time. 

What song/band/album is most likely to be playing on your iPod?
I really like country music; however my new favorite song is Wake Me Up by Chris Brown.

What movie can you quote word-for-word?
Fight Club

Who is most famous person you have ever met?
President Bill Clinton

Do you have any pre-match rituals?
I like to listen to my ipod and think about myself serving well, which is the most important shot in tennis.

IV: Leopard Tracks

Team-Given Nickname: Everybody started calling me Gelbot during sophomore year, because I get every single ball back, just like a robot.
Favorite Cartoon Character: Spongebob
Go-to food spot on College Hill: Milo's
Favorite Professional Tennis Player: Men: David Ferrer, Women: Serena Williams
Words to Live By:"Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together" - Woodrow Wilson