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Catching Up -- Sept. 28

Sept. 28, 2010

Hey Leopard Fans,

This past Thursday fellow co-captain Michael Schmidlein and I, along with other junior and senior athletes, attended and participated in a team leadership seminar.

At the event we discussed what leadership is and what it is not. Leadership is not based on skill, not about being the most liked, or having all the answers. However, it is about putting your team first, empowerment, being a role model, and most importantly building genuine and strong team relationships.

We also talked about not only being a leader by example, but a vocal leader as well. I don't really consider myself to be much of a very vocal leader, so this proved to be very helpful.

There were five important goals that would make for an effective vocal leader: 1) Servant Leader - getting your teammates through the rough times. 2) Confidence-Builder - helping teammates feel confident and capable. 3) Refocuser - refocus teammates when frustrated/distracted. 4) Team Builder- TEAM before self. 5) Enforcer- Speak up!

All of these things will help improve our leadership skills and help the Lafayette community/sports teams to succeed.