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Poulson's Pulse -- Aug. 31

Aug. 31, 2009

EASTON, Pa. - This season, senior tri-captain Andrew Poulson is taking fans inside the action of everything that is Lafayette football -- practices, off-field anecdotes, road trips, games, the inside scoop on his teammates and more. Be sure to check all season to experience football through the eyes of a Leopard.

Today was the FINAL day of preseason camp. How upsetting... No more two-a-days; no more waking up for 6:45 a.m. breakfast and certainly no more heat-riddled three and a half hour practices. Not for this senior class that is. The freshmen get to look forward to their next three, but as for this senior class, the end of camp is a relieving, but sometimes overlooked step towards the end of one's final season.

Camp ending is an eye-opener for me personally because I realize I only have so many more snaps of football left in my career. On the bright side, it's a helpful point to refocus and realize what this team has ahead of it; an exciting and challenging season. Everyone has Monday off, giving the team some rest and the chance to get ready for the first day of classes.

Practice this morning started a little flat, but picked up very quickly. With a live period of `inside run' being so early in practice, it gave everyone the wake-up call they were looking for. Tempers and emotions began to flare as both sides of the ball really got after each other full speed. The 8:30 am practice was officially underway with the live period taking the team through a high-tempo and highly intense result in every period to follow.

The team later met and lifted with nothing but positional meetings held tonight to conclude this year's preseason camp. With the bye week for us falling this coming week, game planning will probably be on hold until later in the week. Practice will start up again on Tuesday with a full padded practice, so expect a very intense and hard driven practice. Georgetown is in sight with the mirage of camp finally disappearing. It's time for this team to snap out of its camp haze and focus on the task at hand one week at a time.