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Spotted on Campus with... Brad Potts

Aug. 21, 2010 sat down with a Lafayette head strength coach Brad Potts during preseason practice. In the middle of the preseason, Potts found time to talk about leadership, father's advice and his favorite part of summer.
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What is your earliest football memory? When I was seven years old, my first year of football, I busted my coach's nose demonstrating a tackle on him. I've been addicted ever since.

What can you take from football and incorporate into everyday life? "Play the next play" in football or in life. What's in the past is out of your control it is done and over with, learn from it and move on and don't give any excuses.

What do you still wish to accomplish (on or off the field)? Win a Patriot League title.

How would you characterize your leadership style? Consistent! That's the key...get better every rep, every day.

Worst excuse you heard for not being able to work out: Any excuse is a bad one.

My pregame ritual is: At game time "the hay is in the barn" just go out there and get it done. No real ritual.

Biggest misconception about being a strength coach: That we just show people how to lift, when we do so much more, from preventing, building speed and explosiveness all the way to conditioning our athletes physically and equally important mentally.

Favorite part of preseason camp: Watching the kid develop and grow.

Worst part of preseason camp: No games

Most embarrassing thing that's happened to me on the football field/strength room is: In a ninth grade football game I laid on the field with a dislocated shoulder, my father told me to never-ever lay on the field unless your knocked out....then preceded to say to never get knocked out.

Something about me that others would be surprised to hear is: I like to cook.

Best family vacation I ever took was: A week in the outer banks.

Favorite part of summer: 5 a.m. training sessions, there is just something special about getting after it hours before most people alarm even goes off.

Favorite midnight snack: Cookies

Food you can't live without: I'm from Pittsburgh...gotta be perogies.

Favorite TV show as a kid: NFL Films.

Movie I can recite line-by-line: Anchor Man or Dumb and Dumber.

Song that's currently playing on repeat on my iPod: Donnie Iris, Ah! Leah!