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Poulson's Pulse

Aug. 21, 2009

EASTON, Pa. - This season, senior tri-captain Andrew Poulson will be taking fans inside the action of everything that is Lafayette football --practices, off-field anecdotes, road trips, games, the inside scoop on his teammates and more. Be sure to check all season to experience preseason football through the eyes of a Leopard.

Apologies to all pulse followers! My last entry was some time ago, but do to the recent move-in into our permanent rooms/houses, I have not had internet access and will not until tomorrow some time when it is installed. For now I'm reporting to all of you at a friend's house stealing his internet.

This camp is and has been officially underway with the team finally being allowed to practice in full pads. Day one of pads was a brutal one to start. Practice was held at 1 p.m. (the hottest time of the day) resulting in a 95 degree practice weather. With no cloud in sight, the team pushed on, preparing ourselves mentally and physically adjusting to the weather.

I was very happy with the tempo and pace that the team was operating. I think getting all of the pads on got everyone to focus and get excited! The team broke out of practice with a confident and high moral, satisfied with putting in a good days work.

Wednesday brought out the first double session of the camp; meaning an early breakfast at 6:45 a.m. and practice starting at 8:30 a.m. Coach Tavani threw in some live periods which gave everyone a lift. Finally being able to tackle someone was the thought that brushed through my mind immediately.

The team brought a good, hard and fast effort to practice. It took a few periods to get rolling, but with the heat gone, the men found the energy to really bring themselves to compete.

Personally, I believe that competition is the ultimate tool to working harder and making yourself a better player. Coach Clayton (the offensive line coach) pushes this point to death. Again and again, he says he wants a starting line that wants to compete and push themselves and each other. This is key with everyone's position. Corners and safeties against receivers; d-line vs. o-line; linebackers against running backs and quarterbacks, etc. Competition breeds a better team and without it there is a lack of push and drive. People become relaxed and lazy, content with their roles. Competition is what is going to drive this team to a championship.



Wednesday's second half of doubles exemplified this. The best practice we have had as team yet! All around great tempo and pace; everyone was excited to be under the lights and ready to get after each other. With several live periods (except on quarterbacks) the entire team really came to practice ready to make themselves better.

I was more than happy with everyone offensively and defensively and so were the coaches. I hope we can continue to keep this kind of effort and energy up because if we do, teams better circle us on their schedules because the LEOPARDS COME OUT TO FEED AT NIGHT!

(editor's note...we googled it and Leopards are nocturnal feeders)