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Spotted on Campus With...John Loose

Aug. 17, 2010

Photo Gallery sat down with a football defensive coordinator John Loose during preseason practice. With the start of preseason under his belt, Loose found time to talk about recruiting, practice drills and family.

What is your earliest football memory? My earliest childhood memory was my dad asking me if I wanted to play football in the car while driving when I was around 8 years old.

What can you take from football and incorporate into everyday life? Everything. Teamwork, leadership, making good decisions for the good of the team and hard work just to name a few. An example would be players from 25 years ago will contact you and tell you they learned more from football than any other facet in their life.

What do you still wish to accomplish (on or off the field)? Short term would be to win the league outright and win a playoff game. Long term would be a very successful Hall of Fame Coach.

How would you characterize your leadership style? Work hard to get everyone to take ownership and invest. When you feel you are part of the decision process and invest a lot in something much harder to give in when things get tough.

What do you look for in a prospective student-athlete? Players who can't live without football who can do it academically. Football is a lot of work at this level and if it is not important they will not make it with the academic load they have at Lafayette College.

Sport you would play or coach other than your own: Basketball for sure. I would love to work for coach O'Hanlon. Love to watch the games because he is the best I have seen and his love to the college.

My pregame ritual is: Watch video night before and morning. Practice signals and try to relax players and myself as the game gets close. We prepared hard all week so game should come easy Saturday.

Biggest misconception about being a football coach: How much time is involved in preparation and recruiting all year around. Most of my friends who get out can't believe how little time is spent doing other things and how much money they make if they put in the same hours and organization. They usually all get back in because they miss it.

Favorite drill you run at practices? Anything that teaches football. I love to make them (drills) up to get as many players practicing as possible.

Favorite part of preseason camp: Can't wait to see the young guys and how the veterans have worked in the summer. The beginning and the end.

Worst part of preseason camp: Last pre-season scrimmage. Can't win, can only lose someone when you play yourself.

Best family vacation I ever took was: Last summer went to Outer Banks with 26 family members and one house. The entire family had a great time.

Favorite part of summer: Family time and my motorcycle

Favorite midnight snack: Ice cream

Food you can't live without: Chicken parm

Favorite TV show as a kid: can't remember that far back, but the Office is now.