Postgame Press Conference, Oct. 30, 1999

Go Leopards!

Lafayette 38, Marist 13
October 30, 1999
Fisher Field, Easton, PA

Marist Head Coach Jim Parady:

Opening Statement . . .

"We played a good physical football game, unfortunately we made too many mental mistakes, along with the fact that during the second half, we didn't get started early enough- something we needed to do."

Marist QB Kevin Chartrand:

On how much the game had to do with size . . .

"Basically our problem had to do with the lack of executions, and mental mistakes, but it had nothing to do with size."

Marist RB Miguel Reyes:

On the game in general . . .

"The opening drive gave us confidence and executed everything well but the mental mistakes really held us up."

Lafayette Head Coach Bill Russo:

Opening Statement . . .

"We put together a real good team effort today. We got a little ragged around the end of the 3rd and 4th, but that happens, I was trying to get some a lot of the younger guys in there. But, the first half was real strong, with the exception of the rush at the end of the first half, but that was my fault. Other than that, it went real well. Our players just came and played their hearts out. We've got our fingers crossed for the fella who got hurt with a knee dislocation."

On things we was satisfied with today's performance . . .

"Take a look at the offense, we ran some screens, and we made some quick passes. They were playing too deep for us to really get too many deep passes in. We just need to keep working at it. A lot of our success has to do with talent, and we just want to get better every week, we take a lot of personal pride in this week, and we are looking forward to next week."

On having concerns when Marist scored to make it 14-7 . . .

"Sure, that's why when we went and made that field goal, and then the defense really picked it up and got some turnovers which really helped the offense. With a little better play calling I could've gotten more points at the end of the half, but that's how it goes."

On the opening kickoff return (61 yds. by Darnell Azeez) . . .

"Darnell is pretty fast but pulled his hamstring in the process of the play. That was a huge play for us, and it gave us a great field position. I wish he hadn't pulled it because, I think he would have finished it with a touchdown."

Lafayette QB Harry Armstrong:

On how last week's win helped . . .

"Our win last week really carried us through most of the week. Everyone was really up at practice and ready to play today."

Lafayette LB Brian Gregorek:

On his performance being one of the best of his career . . .

"I don't think I had too good of a game. I tried to step it up and play the best game I could, and I had a pretty good day."

On the play of the defense . . .

"They weren't anything too different. We knew we had to play a tough, physical football."

Lafayette senior tailback Brian Tuma:

On the game . . .

"We're getting better every week, and I seem to get more and more excited throughout the game. I definitely get more excited as the game goes on."


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