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Something Moore -- Win Over a Big 10 Team Edition

Andy Moore

Dec. 8, 2011

If you were removed from your social media outlets last night, you may have missed the news that the Leopards took down Penn State in Happy Valley 61-57. Just when you thought the power conference team was going to storm back and ruin the day for Leopard nation, our team refused to give up and pulled out the first win ever for a Patriot League team vs. Penn State.

The best thing about this win is how it was a complete team effort. Whether it was Nick Petkovich continuing his hot steak from beyond the arc and grabbing 8 boards, Rob "Bob" Delaney dishing out 9 assists, or me, Tony Johnson, and Levi Giese screaming at our computers all the way back in Easton, everyone contributed to the win.

But what do we do now? As the team travels back to rainy Easton, there must be something besides a W in the win column that can come out of this. So, being the media giant I am, I'd like to use this victory and my influence to make a request that is long overdue: let's abolish the "Roll Pards" phenomena once and for all. Here are three reasons why you should support my proposal:

1. It doesn't make sense. How often do Leopards roll? I can't say I've been around many in my life, but I feel like Leopards rolling around isn't the most intimidating thing we could use. How about "Growl Pards!" or "bite-someone's-head-off-Pards!"

2. It belongs to another Division I school. Not just any school, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Do we really want to be associated with a fan base of which one ultra-loyal fan poisoned his rival's sacred trees?

3. After beating a Big 10 team, we have officially become one of the big boys, so there is no need to act like the jealous little kid who wants to wear the same clothes as his big brother. Let's get our own style, our own "swagger". Conference realignment here we come.

However, if we insist on taking another college's slogan, we should at least vote on it. Here are some suggestions: "Hook'em Pards!" "Gig `em Pards!" "Boomer Pards!" "Sic `em Pards!" "Geaux Pards!"



(I would suggest "We Are Lafayette," but clearly we are better than that now.)

All proposals and rants aside, we should be proud of our Pards after this win. While the season is young and there is much to improve on, let's enjoy this one for a bit.