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Something Moore -- Dec. 5

Dec. 5, 2010

We have many loyal fans that consistently attend our games showing their support for the Leopards. Whether they are parents of players, professors, alums, students, or Lehigh Valley locals, all of our fans are greatly appreciated by the team and coaching staff. Recently, one of these superfans has stood out amongst the best of them, not only being almost every game this year home and away, but also attending practices, training room sessions, and even currently living with three of our seniors. This fan is Irv Mintz, proud Canadian and father of senior forward Jared Mintz. In order to learn more about this jovial Canuck, I caught up with Irv to ask him a few burning questions.

Spotted on Campus With...Irv Mintz

Leopard Basketball die-hard talks basketball, post moves and the Canadian alphabet

Dec. 5, 2010

Are you enjoying your stay at Lafayette during our current two-week homestand? Yes, of course. I can never get enough Leopards hoops back home, but during my extended stay you could say I'm immersed.

What type of involvement do you have in the team's pre-practice and pre-game routines? None really, except for challenging Jared to a pre-practice shoot-out. Finally after 22 years, he defeated me.

At what point did you know your son had the potential to be the king of the low post in the Lehigh Valley? After watching Jared work so hard here in Easton during his first two seasons and witnessing his dedication while on off-season visits home, I hoped that his efforts would pay off.

How much credit do you deserve in the development of Jared? None. Jared set goals for himself and achieved them.We laid the groundwork at home, but Jared put in the time.

Jared's nickname on the team is Zed. Could you explain where this comes from and what it means? Americans are mixed up somehow and believe that the designation for the final letter of the alphabet is "Zee". We Canadians, as a fellow former colony of Great Britain, still recall the olde English ways and call the letter "Zed". I guess when Jared's teammates heard him refer to the letter, they were unfamiliar with the Canuck-term and decided it was good moniker for Jared. I think so too.



Jared once told me that when people come to America from Canada for college they are said to have "made it". What do you think of this sense of hierarchy between the two countries? There's no question that for most young Canadian athletes, of any discipline, securing a Div. I athletic scholarship would be considered the pinnacle of their sports achievements (except for national team representation). Although Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS is the Canadian NCAA), has reached near parity with American performance levels in many sports, there is still a perceived and actual difference in play. There are of course benefits to participating in either association, but the ability of the NCAA to offer full grants-in-aid and the prospect of playing at the highest level, are attractions that many Canadian youth cannot resist.

Your other son, Noah, told me that after all you have done for our team, he was "actually a little shocked that he doesn't have a seat on the bench". What do you think about this? I can get really close to the action without sitting on the bench. After all I really haven't done that much for the team.

Word Association

Canada: Home

Low Post Moves: A must to win

Lafayette Basketball: Always a thrill

Leopard Basketball Practice: Intense and focused

Zed: The letter I'm glad to call my son