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Something Moore -- Getting Grand

Andy Moore is feeling the pressure of living with two 1,000-point scorers.

Dec. 2, 2011

Nov. 22 was an historical night at Kirby Sports Center. Not only did Jim Mower set a single-game record with 10 threes in one game, become the 38th Leopard to join the 1000-point club, and set his own career high with 37 points, but in his post-game interview he gave a heartwarming shout out to his wonderful mother who was watching from home.

Prior to the game, Jim needed just 19 points to break the 1000-point barrier. At the same time, our injury-plagued team faced the daunting task of delivering a win despite the shortened bench. However, the player feeling the most pressure was not anyone in uniform, it was the blogger.

Throughout warm-ups I had several concerned fans approach me about when the next chapter of Something Moore would be released. To top it off Scott Morse, Director of Athletics Communications and Promotions, confronted me about my lack of production.

Usually, this pressure is no problem. I can churn up a blog in my sleep and it will be as magical as ever. But, this time was different. As I sat through the first half I realized I had absolutely nothing to blog about.

Then came the second half and right as Jim's fourth three of the half splashed through the net it hit me: Who else can say that they live with two 1000-point scorers? I doubt many people can. I mean, so far this year, between the three of us our house is averaging over 12 points per game and 712 points each in our careers.

Unfortunately, I quickly realized I had little to do with these averages other than bringing them down, and once again found myself feeling useless. Here I am writing blogs while my roommates are on their way to becoming two of the most prolific scorers in Lafayette basketball history.

So I thought to myself how could I redeem myself and consider myself a worthy roommate? Since my chances of becoming the 39th Lafayette basketball player to score 1,000 points and live up to the standard of our house have evaporated, I have my eyes set on a few other 1000-something clubs, and mom, like Jim, I promise to give you a shout out when I get there:



1. 1,000-tweets- Last spring I got into tweeting and like to think that I am pretty good at it (though my former teammate Ben Wheeler will beg to differ). I am currently at 796, so getting to 1,000 by the end of the season doesn't seem too crazy.

2. 1,000 Facebook Friends - Why not? The legend around Something Moore seems to be growing, so I can easily see my current number of 889 blossoming to the 1,000 friends threshold by years end.

3. 1,000 celebratory fist pumps - Thanks to my teammate Rob Delaney I have learned how to perform a solid Jersey fist pump at games. It has turned into my favorite sideline celebration, so if we continue to hit heaps of three's each game I might just reach 1,000 this year.

Though these clubs will be great to join, I am not sure they will live up to the lifetime achievement of Jim, Ryan and 36 other Leopards, including my former teammates Jared Mintz and Andrew Brown, have reached in their careers. But all of these players deserved it, and for those I played and lived with, not enough can be said about their work ethic and determination.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks to the Bonner family for hosting about half of our team! See y'all on December 5 against Long Island!

P.S. I am really hoping all of these blogs boosting Jim and Ryan's egos might one day relieve me of my weekly taking out the trash duties.