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Something Moore - Nov. 5

Nov. 5, 2010

What's up Leopard fans? This is Andy Moore. I will be blogging this season providing y'all with a look inside Lafayette basketball.

I'm a Junior, Government and Law major from Austin, Texas. Those of you who know me understand that I am a very proud Texan... and I'm not afraid to let people know it. Growing up in Austin, my brother instilled in me that life revolves around the Texas Longhorns. Part of the reason for this was because my dad coached tennis at Texas for 23 years, so we are definitely what they call "orange blooded".

When I moved back east to attend prep school at Northfield Mount Hermon in western Massachusetts, I quickly learned that people didn't really care for my Texas pride. Not much has changed since arriving at Lafayette. In fact, my teammates love it when the state of Texas is associated with anything negative!

Disputes are constantly raging within our team over whose state is best. This allows the imitation master, Ben Wheeler, to have some fun exaggerating all of our various accents. Arguments go on for hours and never really end.

A great example of this comes from my two roommates Jim Mower and Ryan Willen. One night in our freshman year the three of us were debating about whose home was best. Jim argued that Philadelphia can't be beat because of cheese steaks, the Liberty Bell, and that according to him people in Philly are "real." (just for the record Jim isn't actually from Philly, but from the quaint town of Harleysville). Ryan really raised the stakes when he reminded us that Missouri is the best place on earth because of the cool arch in St. Louis. Fortunately this debate took place before the Cowboys fell to 1-6 and the Longhorns started losing to teams like Baylor and Iowa State.



We are currently in the middle of preseason right now having just completed our 15th practice yesterday. Preseason is the time when you really find out what your team is going to have in the upcoming season. For almost a month, it is nothing but sweat and hard work while battling for minutes and trying to make everyone better.

As expected, it has taken the younger guys a little while to get used to the flow of practice, but things are progressing. The team played well in our scrimmage last Saturday vs. St. Joseph's. Although there was a lot to be excited about, the scrimmage also exposed some weaknesses. Luckily we were able to identify them on film the next day, and get to work on them immediately.

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about the upcoming season. While we will surely miss the skills and leadership of the departed seniors, a strong nucleus returns from last year's team that is ready to make sure this season is at least one game longer than last. I hope to see everyone of y'all at our home opener against St. Francis on November 17. Go Leopards!