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"Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, and I will have my vengeance... in this life or the next" ~ Maximus in Gladiator.

The Coliseum was absolutely huge. It is an amazing piece of architecture and history. We got to walk around and see where the Gladiators prepared for battle and we learned more about the events that were held there. For some reason, I think Everest would be the ultimate gladiator. I don't even think he would need a shield or a weapon. He would get the thumbs down from the emperor and it would just be bad news.

We then continued down Ancient Rome and saw the Foro Romano (Roman Forum). It was amazing to see that something built so long ago could is still around, including the Arch of Titus and the Arch of Constantine.

The remainder of the day the team went to the Trevi Fountain which was an awesome site. It was a huge fountain and if you turn your back to it and throw a coin in, it is said that you will return to Rome. We also went shopping and got some souvenirs with the little Euros we had left. We had our last team dinner together in the Piazza del Navona. I've never eaten so much food. The "Eternal City" treated us real well.

What a trip. It was the trip of a lifetime. Our team had the greatest time ever and we were so lucky to have this experience. From Lake Como to Venice to San Marino to Rome... it was the best trip you could ask for. The Italians treated us great, and in return, we beat up on four of their basketball teams.

The team wants to thank all the people that made this possible and the people that were with us on this incredible nine days. The Bright's, the LaBella's, Steph Conley, the entire O'Hanlon family and the assistant coaches-Dawson, Schwethelm, and Farrell. You guys were awesome. Special thanks to Coach O for putting this all together and giving us this opportunity, you were the best. (I'm just trying to get more playing time...) I hope you enjoyed this journal and I hope one day everyone gets the chance to visit the great country of Italy and be able to share some of these memories. Ciao!