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The team woke up early again after experiencing the great night life in Rome on Friday night. We were really excited to venture to Vatican City and St. Peter's Square. There were thousands of people trying to get into the Vatican so we were lucky to get there early enough to just about beat the crowd. The first place we visited was the Vatican Museum. It was an enormous hallway lined with priceless works of art, full of sculptures, paintings, rugs and much more artwork. Some dated back over 2,000 years. It was packed with people but we were, on average, a foot taller than everyone else so we were totally fine to see. Our next stop was St. Peter's Basilica, the largest church in Christendom. This church was enormous. It was full of beautiful paintings and sculptures. Underneath the church was where most of the past Popes have been buried. While in the church, Jesper prayed for a handle and Mike prayed for a jump shot but I don't think even the holiest Catholic place in the world could help them out.

We then went into the Sistine Chapel were Michelangelo produced one of the greatest masterpieces ever called the "Story of the Creation." The Chapel was beyond words. To think that a man worked four and half years on his back while earning little pay and appreciation is remarkable. Michelangelo had many talents, but this is considered his masterpiece by most. There was no loud talking or picture taking allowed in the Chapel and they got real mad when you did. Just ask Andrew...

We spent the rest of the Vatican tour looking at the gardens and we saw the Pope's balcony. Coach O told us that one time he was up on the balcony with the Pope and he overheard people down below saying "Who is that guy next to Fran O'Hanlon."

We had the rest of the day to ourselves and the team decided to get a nice Italian sit down lunch together. Once again, no complaints. We walked around Rome after our meal. In Rome, there are all these piazzas that feature amazing statues and enormous buildings thousands of years old. We saw the shops along the Via Del Corso near the Spanish Steps. We saw the world famous designer shops like Prada. On a side note, Ashley, the bag that Everest got for you is not really from Prada. He bought it from a street vendor for 5 Euros. We got to see the Pantheon, a building that was built in 27 B.C.! So much for the "old and historic" monuments of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

That night we were lucky enough that a free concert was being held for AIDS awareness in Africa. The concert was Italian rock and it was definitely different but totally sweet. It was held in the Piazza del Popolo and we had a great time. It was weird how Bilal knew all the words to the songs though. Tomorrow we get to see Ancient Rome and the Colosseum. Boo yah!