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We woke up early today and traveled south towards Rome. The bus ride was over five hours long, so it was a great chance for the team to catch up on some sleep. While awake, we got to see some of the Italian countryside which was pretty neat. Our team was scheduled to play the College Italia Basketball Team at 4:30p.m. and we were excited because it was chance to go undefeated for the trip.

We arrived at the gym and it looked like the Biodome from the movie with Pauly Shore. It was the hottest gym we've ever played in. It was really like a sauna…and our uniforms already smelled beyond horrendous because we had to hand wash them.

We came out in the first quarter and dominated. It was the best basketball we played all week and we were up 40-13 after 10 minutes. (Maybe they didn't want to cover us because we smelled so bad) . We continued to control the game and ended up winning 104-62. Despite the heat, it was the best atmosphere we played in. The crowd, full of children, was loud and cheering on every play. Marek Koltun had a towering dunk over one of their players. The play of the game however was an ally-oop dunk by Everest Schmidt from Bilal Abdullah. It came at a perfect time in the game because the game was beginning to get rough and a scuffle had just broken out. Nothing beats big Everest running down the court yelling "Finito!!!"

The rest of the day was spent traveling to our hotel outside of Rome. The remainder of our trip will be spent in Italy's capital, Roma You can't ask for a better way to end an incredible trip.

P.S. Paul wants to give a shout out to his family. He loves and misses you. Andrew wants to say hello to his grandparents, he can't wait to see you in Colorado. Ted wants to say hello to both of his friends from home, love you guys!