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Editor's Note: Senior forward Matt Betley is chronicling the Lafayette men's basketball team's trip to Italy on May 19-28. This is the second of his journal entries. In upcoming editions, he may receive a literary assist from his classmates.

After a quick and light breakfast, we hopped on our bus and headed for Lake Como. The half hour trip took us through more of the mountains and lakes that surrounded us. Our team was really excited because we were scheduled to take a cruise of Lake Como.

Lake Como exceeded our expectations. The weather was perfect and the lake was unbelievable. The enormous lake was home to many famous vistas and villages. The villages were built right on cliffs and featured many water front properties. We passed the vista of George Clooney and saw his nice boat and garden. Ted Detmer wanted to flash the batman signal to get him outside but we had no luck. We also passed vistas that were in the movies Ocean Twelve and Casino Royale. We saw lakeside vistas that were over $20 million. It was crazy.

We stopped about halfway through the lake at the village of Bellagio. This little village was lined with cobblestone streets and great little shops, especially "gelato" (ice cream) shops which our team all enjoyed. It was a beautiful place and everyone wanted to stay there longer. We got back on the boat, however, and once again went shirtless so we could work on our tans.

After getting back to the hotel, we had some free time so some of us went to the supermarket. It was great trying to interact with the workers and try to find what we wanted. I think the girls working there liked us because they helped us a lot and wouldn't stop giggling. Marek Koltun wished he could say "what's your number" in Italian but he couldn't so he was out of luck.

At 6 p.m. we departed for our first game. The gym was small and exactly how I expected it. Our opponent was from Robur Saronno and named Vertical Vision. Saronno was great opponent and the game was a close battle. It took our team some time to adjust to the international game but we came out victorious. The fans were awesome, as they cheered for our team as well as Saronno. After the game, we thanked the fans and took a picture with our opponents who were all extremely nice. Our team absolutely loved the experience.

Tomorrow we look forward to traveling to Verona and then eventually Venice-Mestre. We also play our second game tomorrow night against Marghera at 8 p.m.