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European Tour -- Day Five Blog

May 24, 2012

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AMSTERDAM, Holland - Our travels today brought us to the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Right when we arrived, we went on a boat tour through the canals and harbor of the city. We learned a lot of interesting things regarding the city, such as the smallest house in Amsterdam. The house was three stories tall, but only one meter wide. It was quite a sight. Another funny site was a defense tower converted to a clock tower. They named it "Crazy Jack" because it never has the correct time.

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Rising sophomore Joey Ptasinski is chronicling the Lafayette men's basketball team's 2012 European Tour with daily blog entries. is also chronicling the trip with photo galleries, video updates and game recaps.

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After completing the boat tour, we were free to roam the city. There are so many sights and sounds in Amsterdam including the world famous "red light district" that encompasses a whole different level of entertainment! One way to describe it would be Las Vegas on steroids, without all of the fancy hotels and restaurants.

After a short stint walking around, we grabbed lunch and began planning the remainder of our visit. After a few failed attempts of finding a bike rental store, we finally found Mac Bike. We rented bikes for a small fee and decided to ride along the canals and harbor of the city. There were a very large number of people on bikes, which made it difficult to ride safely at times. We also had difficulty maneuvering through the traffic and the trains that were constantly moving throughout the city, but the bikes were a very fun means of transportation.

After a couple hours touring the city on the bikes, it was time to begin our bus trip home. Tomorrow, we will be touring the city of Bruges, Belgium, and play our second game tomorrow night at 9 p.m. (3 p.m. Eastern) vs. the U-20 Belgian National Team.