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Men's Basketball Blog: Something Moore

May 24, 2012

Just when you thought you got rid of me, Something Moore is back and better than ever! However, this is in fact the final installation of Something Moore as Lafayette is now officially Solid-less for the first time in four years. Though we may be gone, I can promise you haven't seen the last of us.

The Solid.

As the six of us have disbanded and gone our separate ways, the fact that we are officially Lafayette College alumni is finally starting to set in. Escalating this realization is the fact that our former teammates are currently traveling throughout Europe on a nine-day trip during which they will visit Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and play a little basketball along the way ... must be nice. According to sources, Joey "I don't show skin when I play basketball" Ptaskinski is blogging throughout their trip, so be sure to keep up, but understand it is no Something Moore.

Looking back, I think I speak for the rest of my classmates when I say that our time at Lafayette was truly a life-changing experience that left us better than it found us. For someone whose injury-plagued basketball career did not turn out as planned, I would never reconsider my decision to come to Lafayette. The opportunities we were given along with the lessons we learned are what makes Lafayette such a unique place.

Since our thank yous and shout outs were thoroughly delivered at the basketball banquet, I will keep it short and say thank you again to all of those who helped us in any way during our time on College Hill. I am sure the six of us will remain friends for a long time to come.

On a side note, I would like to give one special shout out to the resident Smurfs Matt Panto and Mark Mohrman for keeping me entertained this season, especially on the long road trip up to Holy Cross in March. #littlepeoplebighearts

I want to wish the best to the team next year in their quest for a Patriot League Championship. Though they will be without the Solid and less good looking, they are in fine shape with young talent and strong upperclassmen leadership. Go Pards and see y'all down the road!!

P.S. To think, Matt Panto thought he could get the last laugh with the script and roast of me at the athletic awards banquet? I'm SMBAH (Shaking My Big A** Head) all the way back to Texas.