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Something Moore -- Thank You Seniors

March 23, 2011

This past week the team was scattered around the country for our week-long spring break. While relaxing in Florida with some family, I sat thinking that it must be the first time in the history of the world that someone was disappointed to be spending spring break in sunny Florida rather than Dayton, Ohio (first round of NCAA), but that was the case for me and the rest of the team at our various locations. Now, it is time to focus on next season and our quest for the Patriot League championship.

But moving on is nearly impossible without paying a well-deserved tribute to the senior class. The seniors leave large shoes to fill for the team next year. On the court, we lose inside and outside threats that the rest of us can only hope to match. But, while their basketball presence will be missed, their efforts off the court may be what next year's team struggles with most. On the team, the seniors were well known as the "comedy kings" throughout their years in Easton. Whether it was a joke in the locker room or a line from a movie, the seniors always had the final say on what was officially funny.

If a joke was not funny or was poorly delivered the "comedy kings" or "comedy cops" would voice their disapproval, usually sending the joke teller into humor-hibernation to learn from their mistake. If a joke was funny they would approve and, if the joker was really lucky, throw in a chuckle or two.

Throughout even the worst, least funny times our team experienced, the seniors were consistent in patrolling and regulating humor, which leaves me very worried next year. Who will fill this crucial role? If we want to be serious contenders for the Patriot-League title, this area must improve. In my opinion, this should be a leading concern of our coaching staff this coming offseason as the comedy talent level dropped significantly with the departure of the class of '11.

Bottom line, from their hard work to their leadership to their comedic gifts, everyone involved with the Leopard's basketball team in the past four years benefitted from their talents. So thank you seniors, we love you dearly.



P.S. I want to apologize to Levi Geise for wrongly blaming his hair-do for our loss in the championship game. My new theory is that JD Pelham's early exit for halftime (click on link below) threw off our team's focus and doomed us for the second half. Luckily I was there to snag him. Maybe this makes up for my poor efforts at the tollbooth a few weeks ago?

YouTube Clip

P.P.S. I want to thank everyone who followed my blog throughout the season. It was a pleasure and helped keep me sane through my pesky concussion issues.

For my most loyal fans that anticipate having withdrawals and are already yearning for more Moore, furthermoore, or Something even Moore, I will be blogging weekly on the student voices page found HERE.

Topics will include sports, life at Lafayette, spring time, and other various issues possibly including Lowell George for my good friend Bogus Megapardus.

Thank you to everyone who supported the team this year, we all greatly appreciate it. See you in October!