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Something Moore -- Superstitions

March 10, 2011

My how the tables have turned? Looking back, many players, coaches and fans have been instrumental in creating the opportunity for my roommates to deliver the victory this past weekend. Actually, many "what if" situations come to mind when thinking about all that has happened. For example, what if Rob Delaney doesn't hit a huge three to ice the game at Holy Cross? What if Tony Johnson and Jared Mintz don't hit clutch free throws down the stretch in both playoff games? What if Jack Detmer wasn't one of the most electric bench supporters in the country? What if we didn't have such a great fan turnout at American?

While this list could go on for pages, now it is time to focus on Friday's game, which, as we all know, will be no walk in the park.

After spending Monday soaking up the events of our semi-final game vs. American, the team has moved on and is fully focused on the task ahead. In fact, in order to fully ready ourselves for Friday's championship game, most players are taking preparations to the next level by recalling exactly what they did in the days leading up to the American game and replicating it this week. Some examples are below.

Me: ate a turkey sandwich for lunch last Wednesday and this Wednesday
Jack Detmer: tried way too hard to be "one of the guys" last week and is doing the same this week (check out my blog on Mike Gruner if you do not understand the reference).
Anonymous: Went into dirty laundry basket to retrieve clothes from last week.
Nick Petkovich: Shot a lot of threes in last Thursday's practice...and I am sure he will shoot a lot of threes in this Thursday's practice.



I think you get the point. But there is one Leopard who took superstition and slapped it in the face. After our win Sunday, Levi Giese for some reason decided to bleach his hair blonde (kind of, see picture). I guess everyone has their own way of preparing for a big game, but this style of preparation has left some of the team in utter disbelief.

It is a lonely and dark path Levi travels down with this decision. How this will affect our on court performance Friday is TBD. (Levi, I am sorry if you were planning to surprise people with your new style, but I had to warn the people).

Levi's new hairdo. What does it have in store for the Leopards?

Friday is a big day for the Leopards. I hope everyone who is able to is traveling out to Lewisburg to cheer us on. Remember to wear Maroon with pride! Hopefully the winning will continue so the blogs can continue...and so we can be Patriot League Champions!

Note: I would like to extend a special thanks to a Leopard fan under the alias "Bogus Megapardus" who kindly clarified the meaning behind ESPN anchor John Anderson's comment "Ryan's Willen to be movin'" on a Lafayette fan forum. The reference, according to this fan, is lyrics straight from Lowell George's song "Willin'." While I want to believe you, your alias is showing me a bit of a warning sign. I am thinking your answer may be a little "bogus".

Regardless, you were right in thinking that I have no clue who Lowell George is. I may be one of the older players on the team, but if my calculations are correct I was -10 years old when this song came out and as good as my memory is, I don't think it can remember that far back. Nonetheless, I appreciate your feedback.