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Something Moore -- Talks Roommates

March 8, 2011

My roommates really showed me up on Sunday night. As the heroes of our semi-final game vs. American, Ryan Willen and Jim Mower made me feel like a very proud roommate, while simultaneously making me feel worthless. After the game, I realized that I really needed to pick up the slack for our room after their clutch performances. Just in case you missed it (I hope I am not talking to anyone here), here is a quick summary of what went down.

Ryan aka "Swag" had himself a game, scoring 14 points, leaving him just one shy of his 1,000th career point. At the end of regulation, Ryan hit a three to tie the game and send it into overtime. Commenting on Ryan's shot, SportsCenter anchor John Anderson said "Ryan's Willen to be movin'." Not sure what it means, but who cares it was on SportsCenter.

Jim didn't do too badly either. Down one in the waning seconds of the second overtime, Jim took a pass from Tony Johnson and knocked down the game winning three. "The Shot" was number 9 on SportsCenter's Top Ten plays and will surely go down as one of the best moments in Lafayette College basketball history.

During the trip back to Easton, still in a shocked disbelief as to what my roomie's just did, I suddenly realized how big of a challenge I had in front of me. How could I possibly match what they had done? How could I ever again consider myself a worthy roommate? Replaying in my head what the two healthy residents of Gates room 103 had done that night; I sat in the car silently motivating myself to equal their greatness.

Unfortunately greatness is the last word that can describe my next move. As I approached the dreadful tollbooth for I-476, I entered the "no ticket" section, assuming that was where I was supposed to be, considering I didn't have a ticket (we don't have many tollbooths in Texas so give me a break here). Naturally, the ticket button wasn't working, and the unhelpful "help" button did not answer my cry for assistance. So, preoccupied with the task that lay ahead and anxious to get home to see our highlight on SportsCenter, I left ticketless, thinking it was no big deal.



Sure enough, I was wrong. At the Allentown tollbooth, the attendant informed me that since I did not have a ticket, I owed $27 dollars instead of the $2 I would normally pay. Upset with my lack of preparation and inability to perform when it mattered most, I asked him to help out a lost, confused Texan. He said no because he would risk losing his job. I offered him Matt Panto's job as Multimedia and Marketing Manager at Lafayette, but that didn't change his mind either.

After a performance that left me questioning if I was worthy of even sleeping in my room that night, I am a left pondering what miracle I could perform in order to make up for the hole I have dug myself. Maybe I can take the trash out for a week? Maybe I will clean Ryan's room? (Actually, Ryan's room reminds me of the famous Ace Venture line, "Do NOT go in there!" so maybe that is out of the question).

Unfortunately I don't think there is anything I can do to get on their level, so I will have to settle by writing a blog. Check back on Thursday for my Championship blog and to see if I have totally redeemed myself.