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Something Moore -- Do's and Don't's of Senior Day

Feb. 25, 2011

It's Senior Day on Saturday, and we all want to make our seniors final home game at Kirby Sports Center a memorable one. As my gift to the seniors, I have made a list of do's and don't's for fans and everyone enjoying the game to follow in order to create the perfect atmosphere.

My first two rules pertain to the dress code at games. Sitting on the bench, I can't help, but be distracted by the way some people have dressed at our games recently. While there is no official dress code for a Lafayette basketball game, it would be nice to get everyone on the same wavelength here by setting a few ground rules.

Do: Wear Leopard gear. There is no better way to show your allegiance to Lafayette than by wearing the schools colors. So unless the game is a "black out," support the Leopards by wearing the Maroon and White.

Don't: Wear our opponent's colors to a game! This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people violate this fundamental principle. For example, in last week's game against Bucknell, I witnessed multiple fans who were clearly cheering for the Leopards wearing bright orange shirts. This is a big no-no. So this weekend when we play American, resist the urge to show your countries true colors and please do not wear red, white and blue. Now, I know this is going to be difficult for those Phillies fans out there that jump on every opportunity to show people how excited they are for the new pitching staff, but please, just for few hours, leave the Cliff Lee jerseys at home.

Note: This rule does not apply to a persons natural hair color. So if we are playing Bucknell and you happen to be a red head, no one expects you to dye it. If you haven't noticed, we actually have a player and a coach who are faced with this issue and have learned to embrace their Irish heritage.

Do: Support the pep band. Despite the fact that they may be setting my recovery from a concussion back a few weeks with each song they play, I love the pep band at our games. Their energy makes the atmosphere more electric and makes our home games unique compared to others around the league. Besides their songs, the way some of them heckle the refs and other teams definitely fires up us players. So this weekend lets give it up for the band!



Don't: Match up Gary Laubach with another young kid during the media timeout putting promotion. I can't stress this final "don't" enough. During a second half media timeout, Lafayette Sports Network play-by-play broadcaster Gary Laubach competes against a fan in a best of three puts putting contest. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this, but doesn't it seem like he is always competing against young kids? Now my short game isn't anything to write home about, but my mom is a big golfer and she is always telling me about these slumps she goes through and how difficult the mental side of golf is, so maybe Gary is experiencing this and needs a confidence booster? Even so, it does seem a little bit unfair.

Note: I know that the fans have no control over this, but I do think our seniors will appreciate a fair putting match in their final regular season home game.

Do: Finally, please come out and support our seniors for what could be their final time playing at home. These four players have sacrificed a lot during their four years and deserve all the praise they get.

Your performance on Saturday is very important to me. It will determine how influential my advice is...or if anyone actually reads my blog.